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How To Efficiently Wake Up In The Morning

With the first week of normalcy already under our wing, many of us wistfully look back to the beautiful and blissful holiday season where we realize break is a true blessing from the gods. And the best part about break? Being able to go to bed in the early hours of the morning and wake up midday. School, however, does not allow such a phenomenon from happening. As a result, classes are filled with sleep-deprived students. Frankly, it’s not a fun time for anyone so here are some of my strategies!

  1. Set many alarms

This may seem obvious but trust me; it gets more complex then that. If you’re using your phone as your clock, the key is to prepare at least ten (or more) alarms. I personally have 26 ranging between 6AM to 7:30AM. Make sure the times are segregated into small intervals so if you press snooze or cancel it, you’ve got back up. Also, needing to turn off your alarm every two minutes is very annoying. It gives an incentive to get out of bed and start your day!



Sometimes, the alarms on your phone may be ineffective. (Some people are really good at sliding their thumbs across their phone screens.) Instead, try using a good old standard clock and set it across your room or your bed. You can use the same technique with for your phone (try putting it far enough for you to have to get up and turn it off), but I know many people have their phones underneath their pillows. As long as you can hear it, and the distance requires you to get up and walk a few steps, the cold and the standing might just help you wake up. If you have a bathroom connected to your room, put it in there too.

  1. Determining the perfect sound

The key to this? Pick the most annoying alarm sound on your phone. Some suggestions include having a song you hate, a super loud explosion, high pitched noises, or guitar riffs from a rock song. Make sure that it’s annoying enough to wake you up. Avoid using alarms with gentle soothing sounds. Waking up for school or for work is not a walk in the park. Your alarm sound should reflect that.

Also, try changing your alarm sounds every so often. When you get used to the same noise, it’s not as effective as a foreign alarm sound going off!

  1. Find something motivating

Nothing is more exciting than waking up to something you enjoy and look forward to. Imagine a smaller version of waking up on Christmas day (but in this case, everyday). Whether it is finishing the last few pages of a book, watching that new YouTube video you’ve wanted to see or a promise for bacon, anything good enough to motivate you to rise from unconsciousness works.



  1. Cold Water

After being conscious enough to stand up and walk around, head straight to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face. If you take showers in the mornings, make sure the temperature for the first few minutes isn’t very hot. The heat will only make you more tired!

  1. Get help

Admit it: waking up is not an easy feat. And sometimes, it requires a bit of team effort. Not everyone’s able to get up and start the day like early risers. So, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask your parents, roommates, friends, or partners to give a hand. What’s better than to suffer the mornings together, am I right? Brace the misery together.

I hope these will work for you as much as they work for me. Good luck!

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Ellen is a high school student who loves to read, write, and listen to music. She is oddly fond of umbrellas and giraffes.

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