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5 Tips for achieving New Year Resolutions!

With the New Year countdown in full swing, the occasion merits an opportunity for change in the form of New Year resolutions. Many goals range from the field of fitness to learning new skills to completing an activity you’ve never got around to trying out, but they all have a far too common consequence:

Many of these inspiring resolutions fail in the first few months because of factors that people often forget to take into account to ensure success.

Resolutions are often taken too lightly, and require proper planning if serious change is expected to occur. Here are a few tips to safeguard your goals from failing.

  1. Make sure your resolutions benefit you

New Year Resolutions should not be made to impress others or be a concept of goals that you have in mind to solely impress others. This is an opportunity for you to start afresh for the New Year so make sure it’s all about you! Reflect on your accomplishments and failures from the past year – is there anything you wanted to improve on? Anything you wanted to try out and experience? Make a list of goals that reward you! You have to know yourself before you start your journey. Sure, everyone else is learning how to knit and sew but is that really what interests you? It’s okay to be selfish if the end results are going to empower and benefit you.

  1. Verify that your resolutions are realistic

It’s great that your resolutions will benefit you but ensure that they are attainable. Anything less will guarantee failure, sadness and self-deprecation. Realistic goals are smart. They require planning and research. Aspiring to lose 20 lbs. or lose three inches around your waist, or training to run for long distances (no matter the goal you name it!) must be done in small steps. These small steps are additive and will result in a goal that is large and successful. After each milestone is completed, it is important to reward yourself for accomplishing a step toward the resolution. The psychological aspect of confirming each success along the way guarantees that you will continue.

  1. Remind yourself of your resolutions on a daily basis

Keeping up with your New Year resolutions is just like homework. You have to set aside the proper amount of time to ensure you get the most out of your goals. Keep an agenda or place sticky notes that constantly remind you to start and finish your resolutions. If it’s out of sight, it will be out of mind. Everyone leads busy lives and circumstances can prove to be difficult, but time managing and learning to prioritize your “to-do list” is crucial to achieving your resolutions. This procrastinating behaviour is the reason why gyms make huge amounts of money from lazy people who pay for memberships but don’t even go to at least get their money’s worth! Be vigilant and stick to your schedule!

  1. Accepting that it’s okay to ask for help

Many resolutions require planning and research and accepting that it is okay to ask for help is perfectly reasonable. In fact, it may prevent any harm or injury to you, especially if it’s a resolution that pertains to fitness. Asking your doctor of any risks as you start your fitness journey will be beneficial to you. If you want to learn a new language – the first step would be learning all the grammar and vocabulary, but to truly speak and understand the verbal aspect of a language, you would need someone fluent to practice with you. Understanding that it’s not always a dog-eat-dog world and kindly asking for a favour is okay. If help is denied, it’s not your loss. You never know unless you ask and try. Once you succeed and accomplish your resolution, it’s clear who gets the last laugh.

  1. Effort and Perseverance goes a long way

Every journey that you go through in life will not be a smooth path. Acknowledging that there will be bumps and curves will only add to the challenge of accomplishing your resolution. However, overcoming those obstacles will make it more than worthwhile when you succeed and give a huge “Boo-yah” to all the hurdles that would have prevented you from reaching your full potential. Keeping and fulfilling your New Year Resolutions will not be easy but hard work pays off!

These five tips should help you accomplish your resolutions and goals. Most importantly, enjoy the holidays for what they’re worth and spend time with loved ones. A new year brings on new challenges, new opportunities and it is the spontaneity of life that keeps it amusing and rewarding!


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