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Lush: A Store Worth Trying Out

Cosmetic companies have a bad reputation of testing on animals or using many chemicals in their products. This poses a problem for those who have sensitive skin or prefer not to support brands that test on animals. Just because you try be ethical and thoughtful doesn’t mean your day to day facial and body routine needs to suffer! Lush is a great company than believes in using natural and fair trade ingredients. They even  publicly speak out against animal speaking and donate to charities every year!

Lush is one of those companies that try to package as little as possible to save paper and plastic. They tend to use little black pots which are reusable. If you bring back 5 black pots you get a fresh face mask. The good thing about the store is that they have products for literally every part of your body and they’re all hand made.

Facial Products 

Face masks, daily cleansers, make up, toners they have it all. I’ve never really tried their make up but I’ve tried almost every facial wash, a select few fresh face masks and a couple of their toners. Their face masks are made fresh and need to be refrigerated. They also need to be used up before the expiry date because they’re so fresh! If you’ve never tried their face masks before and you don’t have sensitive skin I suggest you try Love Lettuce. If you do have sensitive skin and need a fairly moisturizing face mask you could try Oatlifix.

As for their face cleansers they have quite a few options. When you walk into the store you might be a little confused as to where to start. There are plenty of products to try! Luckily their employees are always helpful and are eager to help. Make sure you tell them the type of skin you have: oily, combination, dry, sensitive, etc.

They have several different facial cleansers that they will happily give you a sample of for you to take home and try. This means that you’re able to actually test a small sample out before you make a purchase. Some examples of facial cleansers that they will let you try are Angels on Bareskin, Dark Angel, and Herbalism. They do give you a fair bit of samples, so that way you’ll really be able to get a feeling of whether or not you like the product before you go ahead and commit to the purchase.

It’s worth noting that all the products, not only  the facial products, are made with all natural ingredients. This is good because sometimes the chemicals that they put in certain products will cause irritation or redness to your skin, which no one would enjoy. These products are also all handmade locally, meaning that all purchases from Lush will also be supporting a Canadian business.

I’ve personally had very good experiences with the products from Lush. Not all of what I try suits my skin type, but with all of the variety that Lush has – I always find something that suits what I’m looking for.


Massage Bars

The massage bars are also something to check out when you visit Lush. They have a wide variety of bars that smell amazing, and they will also help you relax as well. One of my favourites is the Wiccy Magic Muscles, which has peppermint and cinnamon oils, with aduki bans to help with tense or sore muscles after a long day. They also make special massage bars for different seasons and holidays.

Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs are one of my favourite products from Lush. They are balls that dissolve into a bath and infuse the water with various oils and scents to make your bathing experience special. You won’t find bath bombs at many other beauty and skin care stores, so be sure to try to pick one up when you visit. These babies will leave your skin feeling really smooth, moisturized and smelling good – so what’s not to try about these?

These are only some of the products that you’re able to look at and purchase at Lush, but they’re great products and it’s great that they support multiple charities. Their company values are good, and they’re local products. So if you haven’t been to their locations, you should definitely give it a shot!

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