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Day 5 of 5 Days of Craftsmas: DIY Glitter Decor

Christmas is right around the corner! Holiday fun aside, some of us struggle with buying presents on a tight budget. Thankfully, this is a perfect last-minute and affordable present that is perfect for your friends or family. It’s easy to put together, so let’s go ahead and get started.

You will need:

Acrylic paint and brushes

Canvas (any size)


Loose glitter

Wet glue

(All of these items you can get from your dollar store for $2 or less!)

To Do:

1. Gather all your items. My cat would jump back up on the table the moment I’d put him down, so you’ll see him with all my supplies.

2. Brainstorm your design. Print designs off the internet or draw them by hand.

3. For my design, I decided to do a black and white striped background. To do this, I stuck masking tape across my canvas and painted the spaces in between. Once dry, I ripped off the tape, and voila!

4. Sketch your design.

5. Fill your design with wet glue. I used a painting knife for precision and crisp lines, but a plastic knife or fork will work the same.

6. Now here’s the fun part. Cover the area with loose glitter – Then tap off the excess.

7. Remove the excess glitter with a small brush.

8. Repeat for the rest of your sketches, and let dry!







Best of luck and have fun!

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Hello! I'm Joyce from Toronto. I love trying new restaurants and finding little treasures at HomeSense. If you have something to share, my cat and I would be happy to listen to you.

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