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Christmas Gifts for the Gamer who has Everything

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means? It’s time to look for gifts to impress the gamers (and other brands of human beings) in your life — assuming that you celebrate Christmas, you actually care about people and you don’t mind supporting cult-like fanaticism.

Sounds easy enough right? But during your gift-shopping escapades you may find yourself in a dilemma:  your gamer-friend/family member already has the next-gen console of their choice along with its must have accessories; they already have all of the hottest games; your wallet is not well-endowed enough to afford any of the aforementioned things anyways, and you realize that you know nothing else about this person other than the fact that they are a diehard gamer.

So what in the world could you get that supports their degenerative gamer lifestyle and is not totally lackluster?

Don’t worry. I have the answers.

Here are a few gift ideas for the gamer that already has everything:


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Every gamer loves to show their secretly elitist pride and dedication to their favourite video game series, and what’s a better way to show this than the clothes that they wear? T-shirts, pants, sweaters, coats, scarves, socks, hats and all other articles of clothing that brandish the iconic symbols, characters,  or quotes from their favourite video games are sure to make any gamer toss away their shame and make every day geek day.

You can find such clothing at specialty stores (such as Hot Topic if you’re in North America), novelty shops or online on websites such as Insert Coin, Thinkgeek and JINX.


Yes, books, but obviously the kind that relate to video games. Different kinds of gamer books may include game guides, concept art books, game encyclopedias, and extended story novels (actual novels that give background information about a video game’s storyline). I know, giving a gamer a book may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but trust me, a gamer is always willing to improve their literacy when it comes to feeding their fanatical lust.

Gamer books can be easily found at most of the large book franchises or at your local video game store.


Even though it may seem juvenile to most normal people, statuettes or even action figures of video game characters are enough to make a gamer squeal in hysterics. Think of it as giving a physical trophy to someone who isn’t accustomed to non-digital awards. Statuettes are valuable collector’s items as well as pleasant fixtures in rooms with poster-lined walls and Cheeto-covered floors.

Character statuettes generally come in special edition video game releases, but most video game stores have been selling them separately as of recent. Also, high quality non-licensed statuettes can be found at comic book stores and novelty shops, though they are a lot pricier.

Furniture and Home Decor

You may be thinking: “Video game furniture? That’s absurd!”. I agree with you, it is absurd, but it’s freaking awesome. A gamer would die to have a piece of furniture that emulates any facet of video games, be it retro game consoles or items from their favourite video games.  Less-pricey gifts include video game inspired lamps, coasters, dining sets, alarm clocks and coat hangers. Pricier gifts include video game inspired coffee tables, ottomans, bookshelves or even couches.

Video game furniture and home decor can be quite pricey and can only easily be found online. I would only recommend giving this kind of gift to somebody you would give a gift to regardless of the obligation of Christmas.

There we go. Now you know how to properly fuel the brain-frying carnage of mindless joystick and button mashing in the gamer in your life this Christmas.

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Davin Beharry is a student from Toronto who enjoys playing both music and videogames. He is interested in literature, computer science and technology, and likes to solve Rubik’s cubes in his spare time.

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