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Day 3 of 5 Days of Craftsmas: A Punny Gift Idea

Tis the season to give! Christmas is on the way, and while it’s important to decorate your own home, never forget to give to others. I found a cute stocking stuffer on www.ivyinthe The gift is called “For Your Mistle Toes” with foot care related products in a clear party bag.

Here’s the link below:

Cut out the printable “For Your Mistle Toes” label:

Mistle Toes

Place foot care related gifts like nail polish or a small bottle of foot cream in the bag and staple the folded label to the top of the bag to the seal the gift bag.

I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and “awe cute” when I saw the pun. Needless to say, I adore puns and this gift idea inspired me to create another pun-based gift idea called “For Your Reindears.” It’s the time of year when the mercury gathered at bottom the thermometer resembles a drop of blood from a paper cut. It’s freezing. People need to protect their ears from the cold, so what’s a better gift than earmuffs or a hat? Place the earmuffs or the hat in a bigger bag, like a gift bag, and tape the label on the front of the bag. You can also put earphones in the bag. However, please don’t put cotton swabs, that sends a bad message.

Here is an idea of what the label should look like.

 For Your Reindears

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