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Day 2 of 5 Days of Craftmas: Wreaths

Welcome to Day 2 of The International Passion’s 12 Days of Craftmas! Yesterday, Kritta showed us a different way to decorate your door, but today I’ll be returning to a more traditional method: using wreaths! Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be Christmas without having one of them hung up somewhere! Today I will show you all three cute and unique ways to make lovely Christmas wreaths to hang on your door, (or, if you’ve already decorated it with yesterday’s craft,) windows, walls, shelves, and mantlepieces! The best part? They’re all pretty inexpensive and require only a couple things!


Ornament Christmas Wreath

This first project is an elegant wreath of ornaments from LiveLoveDIY:


What you’ll need for this project are:

Ornaments of varying sizes (Be forewarned, you’re going to need a TON of them!)
A wooden wreath
Ribbon (to hang the wreath with)
A glue gun

You should be able to find the ornaments, wreath, and ribbon from the dollar store, which will save you quite a bit.

The project is quite simple, all you need to do is glue the ornaments to the wooden wreath, starting from the centre, and build around it. Make sure that you take off the hooks on the ornaments, and that you have the tops facing towards the back of your piece. Once you’re done, tie the ribbon onto the wreath to hang! You can find a detailed tutorial on it from her blog, right here.


Ribbon Bow Wreath

The second wreath is from BabsMadeIt and is made up entirely of bows!


For this wreath, you’ll need:

Ribbon (in colours of your choice)
A wire hanger
Florist’s tape (optional, but it may make the bows stay in place more easily)
Again, you can find the ribbon and possibly the florist’s tape from the dollar store, and you most likely have a wire hanger somewhere at home. First, you’ll want to bend the wire hanger into a circle. Then you should make a test bow to determine how long you’ll need each bow to be. Simply tie it on the ring straight from your ribbon spool, and when you have your desired bow size, cut the ribbon, untie the bow, and make a note of how long the ribbon is. Once you know the size of the ribbon you’ll need, you can go ahead and tie them on! A suggestion would be to use ribbon that has the wire running down either side of it so that the bows stay their shape more easily, but it’s completely up to you. You can find the tutorial here.


Pinup Wreath

The final wreath I’ll share with you comes from the queen of craft herself: Martha Stewart.
It’s extremely simple to make, and can be reused and changed every year, or even used all year round! The wreath holds all your cards and Christmas memories and displays them in a thoughtful and creative way. Of the three, this one is the fastest to make. For this wreath, you’ll need:

An embroidery hoop
Ribbon (to hang the wreath)
Your own cards and photos that you wish to displayA glue gun

The biggest expense on this one is the embroidery hoop, since they are generally sold at craft stores and the like. However, I’m sure if you’re thrifty enough (as we crafters usually are), then you can probably find something similar for cheaper, or even use a completely different sized wreath! The choice is up to you. Once you have the wooden hoop, glue the clothespin onto it. You should apply the glue on one side of the clothespin in the middle, but make sure that you don’t glue the metal spring that allows it to open and close! You should also alternate the way the clothespins are facing (into the hoop and out of the hoop) so you can attach your items on both sides of the wreath. Once the glue has dried, you can add your ribbon to hang it and put your cards or photos onto it and arrange them how you like. If you don’t like the colour of the wreath, you can always paint the wood to the colour of your choosing (again, be careful about the clothespin spring!).





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