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Why the Mindy Project is more like my life than anything else on TV

We’ve all seen TV shows that have tried to illustrate our lives on TV. How many women claimed to be Carrie’s or Samantha’s? How many of us claimed we were just like Rory Gilmore? Well the truth was, as much as I wanted to be… I wasn’t.

I don’t have a giant closet, and I don’t have as many men going after me as I would like. I don’t live in a perfect town with a perfect mother who should have married Luke long before they got together. And I definitely don’t live in a place where a Dean, a Jesse and a Logan can be found… although I wish it every day of my life. I don’t live in a world where I get to choose between Harvard and Yale…and Princeton. Gosh I wish I was Rory.  Although I love that world, at the end of the day the truth is I don’t know that world.


I live in a place where I have to work hard for what I get. I live in a world where I can’t eat whatever I want and be a size two (like seriously they spend everyday in that diner and never gain a pound). I live in a world where I don’t have time to do every single thing I would like. I live in one where eating chocolate while watching Netflix in my sweats is a good day. I live in a world where the hot guy doesn’t look in my direction unless I’ve fallen down some stairs in front of him. I live in a world where I am the only one responsible for making myself feel unique and confident, not a man. I live in a world where my friends acknowledge my flaws. And that’s okay because that’s the real world.tumblr_nc3jxfFbAi1shiv3ro1_1280

I live in a world closer to the one Mindy Lahiri lives in. That’s a character I can identify with. She spends her work day on Tumblr looking up hot celebs and planning their wedding together. Now that’s something I can relate to.tumblr_n56u74gKPP1qbxb10o2_r1_500

But JUST LIKE Mindy, I am so much more than that. Mindy is a career woman and an independent one. She has her own place and she has a good job. Plus she’s her own boss. She worked hard to get where she is. That’s something the women in my life (myself included) aspire to. Sure not everyone has it figured out yet, but the goal is set in place.

In Mindy’s world boys can get upset about girls without punching other boys (instead they beat each other with socks). In Mindy’s world girls can like sex! They can talk about it with their boyfriends and not feel ashamed or dirty or any of that crap. They can have girlfriends, and guy friends and it be completely platonic…and at times not. I can like fashion and still be smart. I can have vulnerable moments but also Beyonce-kick ass ones. In Mindy’s show I see couples that disagree about real issues, not just TV invented stuff that doesn’t ever happen in real life.

Mindy’s character is writumblr_mmb00rlfmk1r0t5gco1_500tten by a great staff of writers including Mindy Kaling. The character may have outlandish opinions at times but at least she has her own opinions. Mindy (Lahiri) is a woman  who acts more like a woman than most of the woman on TV. She is a character on a sitcom, so sure she may tackle things on a lighter note than say Jane Doe who lives across the block from me. That’s TV and that’s okay. But in terms of acting like real people, like a real woman, the writers have that down pat. Because, in real life, women aren’t just careers or mothers or girlfriends or best friends or smart or boy crazy or powerful — they’re all of those things.

So yes I am a girl who likes boys. Who likes boys a lot. Who likes them so much she gushes about them to her friends on a daily basis. I am a girl who watches Rom Coms and loves them. I’ve read Twilight…there I said it! I listen to Beyonce and know the lyrics to all of Taylor Swift’s songs.

But I’m not just that.

I’m a university grad. I’m ambitious. I’m a dreamer. I’m a fighter. And I’m more like Mindy Lahiri than any other TV character on television.tumblr_n4tnr9IFRx1tp719lo1_500

About Ayelen Barrios Ruiz Pagano (13 Articles)
Ayelen Barrios Ruiz Pagano lives in the Greater Toronto Area. She is a recent grad with a strong desire to be a Disney princess. A romcom fanatic, a book worm, a movie buff, and a TV lover. She spends her days dreaming of Mr. Darcy in between drinking tea and writing. She is the writer, creator, and sometimes director of the YouTube channel thewhyw. You can find follow her on Tumblr and Facebook.

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