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Once in a while we find ourselves in situations where an interesting video is required. Perhaps brain-dead form work or studying, or perhaps so bored that even reading a dictionary seems exciting. (I’ve been there, trust me.) And in such a situation, a cute Youtube video is always a wonderful solution. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite cute videos that I’ve found have made me smile, laugh, and almost cry.

Understanding what baby ORB says at 3 months
Possibly one of my favourite channels, a father follows his son’s growth and updates his channel monthly. His baby Oliver is the cutest thing ever. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Kai and his girlfriend, Ellen
Oh, yes. I’m going there. If you have not seen this video yet, you have got to. Kai’s amazing vocal renditions of Bruno Mars’ songs, as well as his cute and witty replies to Ellen’s questions can make the manliest of men squeal.

The reveal to grandpa
This is a short little video about a woman revealing her pregnancy to her father. I dare you to try to not smile at his adorable reaction.

Assassin’s Kittens Unity
I have never played Assassin’s Creed, but if it is this cute, I would definitely buy the game right now. Watch the kittens chase down these french soldiers, and looking adorable in their medieval costumes!

Emotional Baby
If you have not seen this video yet, where have you been? I have never actually seen a baby smile and cry at the same time in response to a bittersweet song. How does this adorable kid know?!

Small Pups and Baby Ducks
One of my favourite animal planet shows is Too Cute! Why? Because it’s simply too cute to pass up! Okay, please don’t stop reading, I know that was cheesy. But this video of 8-week old pups trying – and failing – to herd these ducklings is definitely too cute.

Wow, it’s mom, but I’m sleepy
This baby recognizes her mom, but just can’t seem to stay awake! It reminds me of sitting in my morning neuroscience lectures, minus the adorable smile.

Mom tries to teach adorable girl life lesson
When you’re this adorable, you definitely have a higher change of being kidnapped. But perhaps, just perhaps, the kidnapper will be too awed by the cuteness to take any action. This girl’s mom is not taking any chances though.

Telling husband I’m pregnant
This soon-to-be mom thinks of a brilliant plan to reveal her pregnancy to her unsuspecting husband. Of course, the pets know everything.

Can you say banana
This adorable little girl can say the word apple – but has a little trouble with banana. Who can blame her? It has too many syllables!

Fergus shares a legend
Most people have watched Disney Pixar movies before. And if you’re anything like me, you would have watched every single one the moment it came out. Here is a scene from Pixar’s Brave, where the mischievous triplets resort to their own techniques to survive their father’s storytelling.

Funny Baby makes a speech
This baby with a beautiful British tongue isn’t scared of making his opinions known! He certainly makes one passionate speaker!

Minion Football
This clip is almost illegally short for something so cute. But being released during FIFA season, it still must be watched. It’s the minions after all.

Father goes into baby crib
This man’s adorable girl can’t seem to calm down – so he resorts to the last thing he can think of – climb into the crib with her. It seems like a good idea. Until he can’t get out.

I’m yours (Ukelele)
I’m not sure what to focus on here. The boy’s amazing music skills, or his cute made-up lyrics. Granted, English is probably his third language, after Baby-sing and Baby-talk.

This is one of those animation student projects that resulted in an amazing, wordless short. A few kids are putting on a play, but boy, does the story seem real.

I hope you enjoyed your break! Time to go back to whatever you were sidetracked from before, but remember to book mark these videos for the next time your brain is in desperate need for a dose of cuteness!

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Victoria Huang is a third year student at York University, studying Psychology and Biology. Other than her strange obsession with cell biology and neuroscience, she loves studying history, listens to all sorts of music, and spends her free time -- wait. What free time?

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