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Save Your Minnetonkas From Sweat

Why Should I Clean My Minnetonkas?

Recall the first day you wore your new moccasins. Soft and fluffy, right? Unfortunately, moccasins are one of the worst choices you can make if you want a breathable shoe. (Crocs, perhaps?) As your sweat accumulates, the wool lining will flatten and harden – and eventually, it will no longer be the soft and fluffy shoe you once knew. 

That being said, any shoe with an inner wool lining will need to be worked on if you want to keep it in mint condition. This is especially the case if you sweat excessively (personally, I have to scrub mine once a week, because I wear mine for extended periods of time). Here’s how to keep them clean and fluffy, without damaging them in your washing machine. (I never understood throwing shoes in the wash anyway… Do you know anyone who does?)

What Will I Need?

Thankfully, you won’t need to spend money on any spray or high-quality shoe scrub to get this job done.

All you’ll need are three household items:

1. Old toothbrush

2. Dish soap

3. Old cloth/rag

How Do I Clean Them?

1. Simply dabble your wet toothbrush into dishwashing soap, and begin to scrub the wool. Circular motion or zigzag motion, it shouldn’t matter. Begin to scrub where the wool has flattened the most. 

2. Once the wool foams, add more dishwashing soap to the toothbrush. Make sure you wash the toothbrush before you add more soap. (You wash your toothbrush after you brush your own teeth, don’t you?)

3. Once enough foam has accumulated in the shoe, use an old dry cloth and wipe the foam away. By now you will have scrubbed away sweat from a thin layer of your wool by now. (Congratulations!)

4. Continue scrubbing with the toothbrush and you will uncover the deeper layers of wool that have been settled by your sweat. Think of it like peeling an onion, layer by layer. Allow your shoes to dry overnight before wearing them again!

Here’s how my own Minnetonkas turned out. Good luck!

Photo 2014-09-21, 20 07 04edit

Left: Scrubbed / Right: Unscrubbed

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