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5 Anticipated New Television Shows

Fall may be a hated season for most: it means we have to say goodbye to the sun and hello to the cold. Goodbye green leaves, hello warm fall colours. Hello to the internal debate on what you will be doing and wearing for Halloween. Hello internal debate on whether or not it is too early to wear knee high boots, or worse buying your Christmas presents. But with all of this there is one thing that helps us all get through the work week: TELEVISION.

With the TV season just about to begin again, there are always new television shows ready to wow their audiences and hopefully create a fandom. Here are my top five shows that I’m excited about. Have any more? Let me know in the comments!

The Flash:
Spinoff to the surprisingly good Arrow, The Flash follows Barry Allen as he becomes, well, The Flash. Having been introduced in its mother show, Arrow, we know Barry Allen as a cute but clumsy lab geek who has been struck by lightning. Having had a fling with Felicity, audiences instantly fell in love with the character (although my guess is most are still team Felicity and Oliver, I sure am). Last we heard, Barry was still in a coma but doing well according to his friends (aka his future squad). I’m excited to see how this series plays out. If it’s like Arrow I’ll be happy.

How To Get Away With Murder:
Let’s be honest, everyone knows someone (if it’s not themselves) that is obsessed with either Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, or both! Shonda Rhimes brings us another one of her creations with this new show. Starring Oscar nominated Viola Davis, this is sure to be good. The Oscar nominee plays a professor/attorney, but the show doesn’t only revolve around her. It seems that a group of students are up to no good according to the trailer. Here’s hoping this will be as addicting as Shonda Rimes’ other shows.

Scorpion seems to be CBS’ proudest new show and was even featured on their biggest summer show: Big Brother. Starring former Idol contestant Katherine McPhee, this show follows a group of geniuses as they save the world. From my understanding, this seems to be a mix of The Big Bang Theory and Marvel’s Agents of Shield (without the super powers). This is sure to be an interesting show, since McPhee’s last television appearance was the short lived, but acclaimed, SMASH. We’ll see if it pans out to be something that will last. McPhee isn’t the only SMASH alum who has a new television show coming out this fall, Debra Messing is starring in the Mysteries of Laura on NBC.

Marry Me:
Okay, so this one might be more of a personal fav than a critical one. This show from the creators of Happy Endings follows a couple, who have tried and failed at proposing to each other, even though they love each other. The reason I’m excited about this is because: one it is from the creators of Happy Endings, a show that I believe ended too soon, and two because the genre of the romcom has slowed dramatically. It has moved away from the big screen and moved its way onto out television screens; we saw a glimpse of it in How I Met Your Mother, and a more predominant role in my favourite sitcom, The Mindy Project. This seems to be following that route with an already set in place couple. Will it take off? I’m not sure; sitcoms are hard to get enthusiastic about because even the best get cancelled. So we’ll have to wait and see.

Last but not least the most anticipated show (at least to me) is this Batman prequel. It is not the first time that Batman and Gotham will grace our small screens. However, it has never been done quite like this. Focusing in on detective Gordon at the start of his career, the audience will be able to see the progress of this city as it dives deeper and deeper into crime to become a city that needs Batman. We meet Bruce Wayne as a child, having just lost his parents, and we can start to understand his development from a child in mourning to the hero he is destined to become. Starring O.C. alum, Ben McKenzie and featuring the talents of Jada Pickett Smith this is sure to gain an audience and fast. Hopefully it’ll live up to its hype!

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Ayelen Barrios Ruiz Pagano lives in the Greater Toronto Area. She is a recent grad with a strong desire to be a Disney princess. A romcom fanatic, a book worm, a movie buff, and a TV lover. She spends her days dreaming of Mr. Darcy in between drinking tea and writing. She is the writer, creator, and sometimes director of the YouTube channel thewhyw. You can find follow her on Tumblr and Facebook.

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