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Sharknado Review: Just Roll with It

In the spirit of Shark Week (for those who don’t know, is a week-long TV program event created by Discovery Channel), I decided to watch the infamous Sharknado for the first time.

Now, before I watch any film, I usually search up a quick synopsis to give me an idea of what the movie is about. I, however, did not do so for this film since, well, the title was pretty self-explanatory. It may seem important to note that the movie consists of lots of sharks. And a couple tornados. So if you’re not the type who enjoys sharks, tornados, and… the unique and old-school use of CGI in this film (let’s just put that as nice as possible) all smashed together in 86 minutes, you have been warned! Sharknado is a movie of many things. Labeled as a sci-fi/horror/thriller, I found that this film truly tested the limits of logic, coincidence, and prioritization.

The film takes place in Los Angeles, where a gigantic hurricane has led to the “concerning increase” of sharks in the seas. It surprised me that, with that alarming warning, not many people decided to take a plan of action to take more precautions. Especially when they realized that sharks were invading their pools and homes.

This story follows Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering), an ex-surfer, along with the rest of his companions, April (Tara Reid), Cassie (Cassandra Scerbo), Matt, Claudia and… There are a lot of characters to remember but you don’t have to worry. Their life expectancy is about ten minutes anyways. As they discover the evident problem of the sharks invading the streets, these courageous and brave characters take it upon themselves to put a stop in it.

But how does one stop a sharknado? As directly quoted from the movie: “Instead of letting live sharks rain down on people, we’re gonna get in the chopper and throw bombs into those tornadoes, blasting those bastards into bits!” It did seem like a good solid plan and i admired their enthusiasm! But I don’t think they were doing any favours by raining dead shark pieces on the city either. Now, I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure there could have been better ways to handle the situation then throw bombs, just saying. But hey, each to their own!

For one, I deeply acknowledge the strength that the characters had to face these killer sharks. There was an eerie calm that they showed when accepting that literally a hundred sharks were raining down on LA. Accompanied by three tornados. And also the fact that they probably witnessed a dozen of their family and friends die and showed no emotion besides a shocked gasp, some no’s and oh my god’s. Perhaps they had to conceal and not feel their pain?

Sorry, I had to make that reference.

I couldn’t help but notice the choices of weaponry during the film either. For example, George, a drunk who used his faithful red stool to defend himself from the frenzy shark attacks. Unfortunately, he was outmatched early on and died heroically. Other items of choice includes shotguns, spears, and of course, chainsaws. Just trust me when I say that chainsaws are the answer to everything.

During such stressful situations, it made sense that some decisions may or may not have been the brightest. This is demonstrated beautifully at the beginning where two men were negotiating a deal on a boat when BAM! sharks appear out of nowhere. To be honest, I didn’t understand the connection between the first scene and the story line of the film but the flying sharks made up for it. Anyways, instead of, I don’t know, finding a way to avoid the onslaught of sharks, these men decided it was the proper moment to battle for the money with guns. It seemed that the money was just a tad more important then saving their own skin. Just a bit more. Again, this film showed that prioritization is important. Watch and learn, children.

Speaking about not making the brightest decisions, I’d like to highlight one of my favourite scenes: the one where Cassie fell off the helicopter and was swallowed whole by a shark in midair. But afterwards, she was conveniently found alive in the shark Fin jumped into with a chainsaw (not the wisest thing to do, but it was quite heroic don’t you think?).

I believe that this movie does not only talk about the importance of heroism, but also indicates how exactly not to react when being approached by a shark or any dangerous scenarios regarding sharks. It’s time to stock up on documentaries  and survival guides I suppose.­­­

I could really go on and on about this movie. There’s just too much to make fun of and too much to appreciate. By throwing science and logic out of the window, it created the perfect atmosphere for a wild, fun, and oddly entertaining movie. It definitely left me cringing, but strange enough, wanting for more.

Good thing Sharknado 2: The Second One came out in theaters July 30th, 2014! If one occurrence of this phenomenon (so to speak) in LA isn’t enough for you, see how your beloved characters handle the situation in the Big Apple!

All in all, one must witness Sharknado in order to decide for themselves: is the movie “so bad that it’s so good”? Or is it just plain bad?


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