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Flying for Dummies (and also everyone else)


* Disclaimer: By flying, I mean the kind where you sit on an airplane. I’m not cool enough to talk about the Superman type.

If you’ve been keeping up with your calendar, you’d realize that we’re in the midst of summer break. These precious two months without school provide an opportune time to go to some exotic place, something one would not dare to do during school for fear of falling behind. However, from my specific spot on the earth, anything within driving distance is either extremely mundane or ravaged by polar bears. Left with no other choice (besides to slowly wither away in my room), I must take to the sky in search of adventure and new experiences.

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to go to California for two weeks with my family, the dream of every teenage girl who’s been brainwashed by social media. The entire trip was amazing and wonderful and (insert every single positive adjective in the English language here), but for the purpose of this post, I’ll be focusing on the transportation aspect. These flying tips and tricks I’ve gained from my personal experiences shall now be delivered from my jetlagged brain to you.

Lip Balm Is Your Best Friend

I kid you not, my lips were flakier than a cronut. The whole “recycled air” aspect of planes is gross to think about, especially when it comes to contracting illnesses or the fact that you’re pretty much breathing in other peoples’ farts. The recirculated air leads to a dryness that plagues your face, particularly your lips. When travelling (or just for life in general), I prefer the original Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint. It moisturizes and makes your breath minty fresh, which comes in handy because multitasking is super trendy nowadays.



A Comfy Outfit Makes For A Comfy Traveller

If you’re going to sit in the same 4 sq ft for hours at a time, it simply does not make sense to get dressed up in an uncomfortable, high-maintenance outfit. If you look at it logically, you really have nobody to impress. Your fellow passengers are never going to see you again, except maybe at the baggage claim where they’ll be more focused on getting their luggage off the conveyer belt without looking like a complete idiot. The foolproof outfit involves sweatpants, or leggings if you’re female/adventurous male, and it’s completely customizable to the level of comfort you aim to achieve. Don’t forget: planes are always colder than you think they’ll be, especially when you’re sitting still for extended periods.

Which Seat Can I Take?



Rebecca Black was on the right track of recognizing the importance of seat location when she asked her infamous question, “Which seat can I take?”. Much like in a movie theatre, your airplane seat pretty much defines you as a person. Your usual choices of window, middle, and aisle all have their pros and cons, but the aisle seat is the clear winner. Aisle-sitters get to go to the bathroom without having to awkwardly squeeze past other passengers, and that is undoubtedly the best perk of all. Sure, the window seat may provide instagram-worthy views, but aren’t there enough pictures of airplane wings in the world already?

airplane 2


airplane 3









Bring Distractions

The need to constantly be doing something is a bad habit our generation suffers from. The long hours of boredom while soaring thousands of feet above the ground can always be resolved by a good book, but the fact that books don’t have electronic screens make them very unpopular in today’s society. A more “modern” diversion tactic would be a ridiculously expensive smartphone of your choice, filled with games, movies, audiobooks, and podcasts galore. Don’t forget to bring earbuds, because you don’t want to be one of THOSE guys.

Snacks Make Or Break A Flight

Nothing is worse than being hungry. Nothing, except being hungry in a plane, because you either have to painfully sit it out, or go through the embarrassment of asking a flight attendant for more miniscule packs of peanuts. Snacks are a pretty personal topic; everyone has their own favourites. I like packing something sweet and also something salty, because I need to be prepared for any cravings my stomach might throw at me. If you’re a health freak and having a bag full of junk food sounds like your worst nightmare, pack healthy snacks like kale chips, or some other food that is insanely expensive but makes you feel good about yourself. I’ll just stick with my gummy bears and Cheetos.



I hope these tips will help you in your travels, and remember to mentally thank me when you hop on a plane, lip balm in hand. Just remember that no matter how awful your plane ride is, or how many screaming babies you’re sat beside, the plane ride is only like 5% of the actual vacation. You still have 95% left to have the best time of your life.

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