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A Review of Saving Mr. Banks

I was absolutely blown away by Saving Mr. Banks. It is a beautiful film with an extraordinary amount of depth that was released in December 2013. This biographical comedy-drama film reveals the little known childhood of P. L. Travers, as well as sharing the true yet somewhat embellished story behind the production of the iconic film, Mary Poppins (1964).

Mary Poppins: An internationally recognized name, has been brought to life from the novels where she originated, through films and plays. Since the release of what is the most memorable rendition of Mary Poppins, Disney’s musical film Mary Poppins (1964), this magical nanny has been a vital part of every story-lover’s childhood. How much do you actually know about the production of Mary Poppins? Or more importantly, the tragic story of the iconic author who brought the nanny to life? Mary Poppins, written by P. L. Travers in 1934 was the first of eight novels in the Mary Poppins series. The book became internationally popular and most importantly received an offer from Walt Disney himself to transfer the beautiful novel to a technicolor production. P. L. Travers was absolutely against any tampering with her characters as she considered them “her family”. The offer spanned 20 years when finally Travers reluctantly agreed to the production of Mary Poppins.

Saving Mr. Banks is an honest look into the production of the 1964 Academy Award winning Mary Poppins film. Although, what is interesting is the shocking story behind P. L. Travers. This movie’s truthful portrayal of Travers’ life was nothing short of beautiful. This film has a brilliant cast, Emma Thompson as P. L. Travers, Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and many other dazzling stars. Saving Mr. Banks shines with gorgeous script writing and cinematography. This film brings drama and despair with a touch of comedy to the table. The film jumps between Travers’ childhood flashbacks and her current Los Angeles experience. Saving Mr. Banks is truly an inspirational film that I look forward to watching again.

Saving Mr. Banks would be nothing without its extremely talented cast. Some notable performances include Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell. Thompson plays Travers with undeniable perfection. She mirrors Travers’ stubborn actions with a touch of her own emotional take on events. Although she is a difficult lady to admire, Thompson displays the kind side of her, making her impossible to dislike. What was more surprising was the fantastic portrayal of Travers Goff, played by Colin Farrell. Farrell brings a huge range of emotion to the sickly father of P. L. Travers. His performance is captivating and terribly sorrowful. This was by far one of my favorite characters that Farrell has portrayed.

Saving Mr. Banks is also very well written. Although it is a melancholy film, the occasional touch of comedy makes each scene a joy to watch. The film is not overly sappy or depressing despite dealing with heavy subjects such as alcoholism, illness, and loss. This movie is so incredibly touching yet fun to watch. With a story that is better suited for adults, Saving Mr. Banks holds the title for greatest drama film of 2013. It has since been nominated for 55 awards and has won 11 accolades. This film also grossed $112 million with a $35 million budget.

Overall, Saving Mr. Banks has an incredible story as well as an astounding production which makes it such a unique film. If you have not yet seen it, I greatly recommend it. Saving Mr. Banks deserves much more recognition than it has already received.

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