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6 Types Of Annoying World Cup Fans

Now that the World Cup 2014 is over, let’s look at the types of (annoying) fans that the world’s biggest sporting event witnessed.

1) Bandwagoners:  Urban dictionary has the best definition for a bandwagoner: “In sports, someone who shamelessly cheers for a particular team not because he likes them or follows them faithfully, but only because that particular team is the popular choice or has been or is the top team in their specific sport recently. When that team which bandwagoners follow falls from grace, they gleefully jump on the next teams bandwagon and cheer for that team.” For all you know, they might have a new team by the time you have read this article.



2) Bandwagoners hating on bandwagoners: This is not only ironic but absolutely funny. They get so annoyed at new fans’ lack of knowledge of the sport and fellow bandwagoners all the while forgetting that they’re bandwagoners themselves. They’d hate on anyone who switches teams once their team’s out of the World Cup when they themselves had a different team last World Cup…


3) The fans who use “we” when their team’s winning, but “they” when their team’s losing. These fans are typically disloyal and will literally go from “WE won it” to “Can’t believe THEY lost to Saudi Arabia of all teams.” If you use “WE and “US” when you’re winning, be loyal enough and use “WE and “US” when you’re losing as well.


4) The pessimistic:  After their team has crashed out of the world cup, they will be downbeat and hopeless, rather than enjoy the rest of the games. “Hey did you watch the Colombia game, it was pretty intense!” – “I don’t watch the World Cup anymore because FIFA are corrupt and all games are fixed. You know that, right?” -“YOU KNOW THAT, RIGHT?” No, I didn’t know that it only applies when your team’s out. The World Cup comes every 4 years, and you decide to have that negative attitude just because your team’s out? Seriously? If anything, games are best enjoyed when you’re a neutral. You get to truly enjoy poetry in motion when you’re not supporting anyone without any pressure or expectations. Don’t hate, appreciate.


5) The impatient type: They will lose their absolute shit if the score line’s still 0-0 by minute 20. They’ll be impatient through out the game and always in a hurry that you’d start to wonder if they were born premature. You know just like how they were so impatient in their mother’s womb… For these fans, the team has to score within 20 mins or else the games already dubbed as boring by half time.


6) The complain box: This fan would complain about absolutely anything and everything from the player’s hair styles, to the color of the boots, to the team’s style of play, the noise in the pub, etc. They’d sometimes even complain about how annoying certain types of fans are…. *cough*


Do you have any other type to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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