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The Benefits of Writing a Journal

For many people, the thought of keeping a regular journal seems daunting. Sitting in front of an empty leather-bound book, full of blank pages may appear to be intimidating and scary. Some people are afraid of the commitment that comes with writing a journal; others may find the idea simply ridiculous. Believe it or not, writing a journal is an amazing pursuit that offers countless benefits.

An obvious benefit to keeping a journal would be that it gives you a chance to improve your writing skills. You’ll probably be writing a 1 to 4 page entry at least 4 times every week over long periods of time. After a few months, I can guarantee that you will notice significant changes in your writing. I find that writing is a skill that one acquires over time, and it comes with practice. Whether you’re looking for a higher English grade or just improved writing skills in general, writing regularly in a journal can serve as a step to help you reach your goals.

Furthermore, keeping a journal can serve as an outlet to vent your frustrations, problems, issues and pure discontent with any situation that life throws at you. Personally, when I feel angry at the universe, I express my anger into my writing. You may think that it sounds foolish, to rant about your problems into a book. I understand that an inanimate object can’t give you advice or tell you how to solve all your problems. However, by expressing your true feelings, you are alleviating stress and getting things off of your chest.

With every page you write, you are creating a new page of memories. A page of your past life that you will one day be able to look back on. Imagine yourself in 30 years finding a stack of old journals full of stories, lame inside jokes and embarrassing information about past crushes. As cheesy as it sounds, I guarantee you that your future self will appreciate being able to look back on the past and remember those days that you will never be able to relive. Reliving moments from the past may also serve as advice for your future self. Through re-reading certain entries, you may discover things about yourself that you didn’t know before. The answer to one of your life problems could even lie in the pages of the journals that you have written in the past. Your words may even provide you with inspiration, confidence or a nice laugh if you’re having a horrible day. Journals can also be used to keep track of your goals, aspirations and dreams as well as the journey of how you got to achieve what you wanted.

The most amazing thing about keeping a journal is that you can create whatever you want to create. You are filling books with the story of your life, the adventures that you experience and the low moments that you get to face. And even though your journal might not be as incredible as say the diary of Anne Frank, it is a piece of who you are that will be a part of your identity for the remainder of your life. So whether you’re 13 or 63, it’s never too late to begin writing out your life

About arielrose98 (2 Articles)
Ariel is a high school student who enjoys dance and literature. She began writing in 7th grade and it has since become one of her biggest passions. Dedicated to helping others, Ariel aspires to one day become a child psychologist.

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