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A Guide to the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is back! This year, the sale is approximately one month earlier than previous years and will end on June 30th. The Steam summer sale is an annual sale where you can buy thousands of games up to 90% off! Steam has almost every PC game you can think of, ranging from the old classics to the newest releases. Whether you like action games, RPGs or MOBAs, every gamer should check out the Steam store this week for great deals! Steam has one of the biggest variety of games for all consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation. At Steam, an original $50 Xbox game could be found for less than $20.

Steam gives discounts on almost all its games with older games receiving bigger discounts. However, every day, additional discounts will be given to 4 games chosen by the community as well as 9 games chosen by Steam. These discounts can make even the newest game as cheap as 80% off! Therefore, it might be better to check back each day to see if there are any additional discounts on the games you want. Here are some of the best deals this year in the Steam Summer Sale:

Borderlands 2 ($4.99) – This is a classic action RPG game puts you in the shoes of a character that has to shoot down monsters and level up. This is a first person shooter game which is one of the highest rated games on Steam. At 75% off, Borderlands 2 is a steal and for just $9.99, you can get the Game of the Year edition giving additional missions and characters which is highly recommended.

Call of Duty: Ghosts ($29.99) – Although this game has received harsh criticism and lower ratings than previous Call of Duty games, for $29.99, this latest edition of the Call of Duty series is at an insanely low price. This game, which normally costs $59.99 is half price and is a great first person shooter. With new campaigns and a very active online community in multiplayer, this game is worth it for any gamer interested in first-person shooters.

Civilization V ($7.49) – Civ V is the most played strategy game on Steam currently. With one of the highest MetaScores out of any Steam game (90/100), at 75% off, this should be the first priority for anybody interested in strategy games. One victory in this game might take over 20 hours but you wouldn’t be bored for a single second. With over 100,000 players online at one time, multiplayer is readily available as well as a very intelligent AI with a dozen difficulty levels to accommodate the player’s skill level. I suggest buying the complete edition which is a little pricier at $16.19 but it is definitely worth the expansion maps, campaigns, and additional features.

In addition to these amazing savings, the Steam Summer Sale features badges which players can collect, as well as a gift reward system. First of all, when buying any game during the sale, you will be assigned one out of 5 possible teams. For every $10 spent during the sale, players will receive a card. If you collect 10 of these, you can craft a badge. A badge will in turn give you an in-game item as well as your team 10 points. At the end of each day, 30 random players from the team with the highest score will receive 3 free games from each of their wish lists.  Choosing the most expensive games, you could save up to $180 from this contest. With these tips in mind, go out and buy some games to play over the summer while the sale lasts!

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David Guan is a student at University of Washington in Seattle, WA. He likes technology and creating apps as well as playing games. He also enjoys playing badminton.

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