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Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

Nintendo has always had a good grip on creating games that appeal to all ages. With classics such as Tetris, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and so many iconic games, Nintendo knows exactly what people want. They definitely delivered another high quality game with Super Mario Galaxy.

Ever since I was little, I have loved video games, whether it was Halo, Brute Force, or Pac-Man – but everyone I know has always had a special place in their hearts for Super Mario. We had every Super Mario game, and loved to play them daily. When I first got Super Mario Galaxy, I was 8 years old. I remember becoming obsessed with the game. I replayed the story countless times, and perfected the game multiple times. I had so much fun with this new release, that I just knew I had to get the second. I waited for about 3 years for its release in 2010. Finally, I got to play the second game. I loved it just as much as the first, and was so incredibly pleased with the quality of both. With both games combined, Super Mario Galaxy has sold nearly 19 million units.

Declared ‘Game of The Year‘ in 2007, Super Mario Galaxy continued Mario’s incredible journey. The game takes Mario to the stars, where he must once again rescue Princess Peach. But Mario cannot complete this monstrous quest alone. With him, he brings Lumas and the Comet Observatory throughout space. With every new world comes a new challenge, and Mario is prepared to face it. Although it is a game that is generally geared towards a young audience, Super Mario Galaxy is very playable by all ages. The game sold over 11 million units, and has the respect of gamers worldwide. With a wonderful story, a beautiful soundtrack, and a whole new element to the beloved Mario, this game definitely reaches for the stars.

Nintendo followed its first success with Super Mario Galaxy 2. A recent release, is bigger and better than the first. Once again, Mario is rescuing Peach from the terrible claws of Bowser, but this time he is with a new helper. Everyone’s favourite, Yoshi, is incorporated into most levels, and Mario takes many new passengers aboard Starship Mario – Luigi, the Toad Brigade, Star Bunny, Penguin, and many other new characters. Although it only sold a little over 7 million units, much less than the first, there was more of an accumulated hype before Super Mario Galaxy 2 hit store shelves. What was truly magical about this game was the obvious acknowledgments to the first. As I played, I felt strangely nostalgic throughout all the worlds. The ending definitely ties both games together and makes for a memorable experience. Nintendo took a hugely successful game and managed to recreate it just as good – and if not, better.

I highly recommend both games, but make sure to play them in order because the small jokes and acknowledgments in the second game are fun and fulfilling to play when understood.

After having two gigantically successful games, many are wondering if there will be a third game released. Nintendo came out and said they definitely hope to make more Super Mario Galaxy games, but no specifics were released. We can only hope there is a Super Mario Galaxy 3 coming soon, which of course will live up to their high standards.


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