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In Flight Beauty Essentials

1.   Makeup Remover Wipes 

A small travel sized pack of makeup remover wipes is essential when traveling. Once you get seated, remove all of your makeup. I recommend Neutrogena’s travel pack of seven wipes it’s gentle on sensitive skin and fragrance free. 

2.   Hydrating Lip Balm

The recycled air on planes sucks the moisture right out of our lips, so an intense moisturizing lip balm is important. My favourite is the creme de rose lip balm by Dior (

3.   Moisturizer 

Whatever your favourite moisturizer is will do, just make sure its in a travel sized container, or that you have a sample of it from your local drug store.

4.   Hydrating Face Mask

This is optional, but I recommend using one on a long haul flight (more than 9 hours) as these overnight masks create a clear barrier between your skin and the dry air of the airplane. Clinique makes a great one called the ‘moisture surge overnight mask’ ( which can be left on for the duration of the flight. 

5.   Perfume sample (or oil based perfume roll on)

This is self explanatory, but a small bottle of your favourite perfume is a great pick me up at the end of a long flight. The last thing we want is to smell like the air plane! Roll or spray it on your wrists and the back of your neck to smell great. 

6.   BB cream & brightening concealer

If you want to be wearing makeup when you land, a bb cream and brightening concealer is the way to go. It is easy to apply and will instantly brighten your face after a possibly sleepless flight. A fool proof duo is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and the Dream Lumi Brightening concealer. They are affordable and work wonders on tired skin. 

7.   Powder compact with big mirror

Bring your powder compact to powder your T-zone to remove shine and oils, and the included mirror will come in handy for the rest of your in flight beauty routine. 

8.   Coloured lip balm/gloss

A perfect way to brighten and add life to your face after a flight is with tinted lip balm, it both hydrates and livens your face. Bring a bright coloured one to help you look put together, my all time favourite is the Almay Liquid Lip Balms ( They add colour, moisturize, and shine – it’s an all-in-one lip product I can’t live without when I travel! 

9.   Mascara

Pop on your favourite mascara to make your eyes looks wider and more awake. This step in simple but makes the world of a difference. Just be careful if the plane hits turbulence you might want to wait, no one wants to poke themselves in the eye with mascara! 

10.  Hand cream & cuticle cream 

Every once and a while pop on some hand cream and cuticle cream to keep hands soft for when you land. My favourite cuticle balm is Dior’s apricot fortifying cream for nails. ( 

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