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Day 10: Ghana Stays In, Messi Magic, Bosnia’s Controversial Elimination

Yesterday saw its fair share of surprises and controversy. Do you agree with the way things played out? Here’s a full recap courtesy of Aaron Moniz from Entertainment Revisited.

Entertainment Revisited

Day 10 was filled with great moments and games. All 3 of the underdogs put on quite a show, and they gave quite a fight to the favourites in Group F and G, of which 1 was eliminated.

Argentina vs Iran:

Match Highlights:

HIGUAIN! He has a chance but the goalkeeper claims it. He actually seems to kick the keeper!

Higuain made a beautiful play in the 21st, but the shot is just wide.

ROJO! Di Maria’s corner goes to his head of Rojo, but his header goes just wide.

Messi has been fouled in the 31st. He has been marked in this match. The free kick is just outside the box. The free kick is just over the bar.

IRAN! A beautiful cross goes to the man, but it is headed just over.

Half Time: Argentina 0-0 Iran

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Aguero can’t get to a fantastic…

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