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Java the Hut: Java House

Name: Java House

Location: 537 Queen St W, Toronto

On a sunny Saturday afternoon my friend and I stroll through Queen Street West visiting fashionable, yet affordable, boutiques. We decided to grab a bite and the mural art outside of Java House attracted us to the cafe. Unfortunately, our disappointment begins as we step inside to discover what’s hidden behind the eccentric graffiti art. Java House cafe is the embodiment of the proverb, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” in the most horrible way possible. My friend and I were greeted and seated. While I walking to my table I noticed the lack of customers in the facility, which left me confused about the reason behind my biggest complaint about Java House cafe: the bad customer service. It takes less time for dinosaurs to turn into oil than it took to receive our bill. Not only was the customer service slow, they were also unfriendly. At any restaurant I expect the waiter to ask if everything is okay or at least smile when speaking to the customer. The service at Java House makes customers feel unwanted, as though customers are a burden upon their sulking shoulders. Java House cafe offers cheap food, that isn’t exceptional, but is worth the value. I ordered pita with hummus and my friend ordered the vegetarian pasta. My friend complained that the vegetables were undercooked and eventually only finished the pasta.

Bonus points for local beer: Steam Whistle


Pita with hummus


Vegetarian pasta


I ordered a cappuccino along with my meal. The coffee was good and they offered raw sugar instead of the refined white sugar, which I always appreciate.


I would not recommended visiting Java House. The food is adequate, but the service is terrible. Whether a restaurant has extraordinary food or bland food I expect friendly and reliable customer service. Two qualities that Java House cafe did not offer.

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