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Throwback Thursday: What We Miss About “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”


The show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is about two identical blond twins named Zack and Cody Martin who live in the Tipton hotel where their mother, Carey, works as a singer. The hotel is owned by the father of a dumb rich heiress/airhead, London Tipton, who lives in her private suite at the Tipton with a HUGE closet (and a talking mirror). Even her dog, a Pomerian named Ivana, is spoiled. The twins get into numerous adventures with London, Maddie Fitzpatrick (poor candy countergirl, aka Zack’s first love), and others. They constantly cause trouble for the manager, Mr. Moseby, who always tries to get them to leave his hotel.

The show was funny, yet taught me things at the same time. I’ve watched every single episode of the show, and grew to love all the characters. Cody was my personal favourite because he was so sweet and innocent. And nerdy, in a cute way. His rules/facts never failed to make me laugh, as well as his bizarre obsession with cleanliness.

Let’s take a few minutes to reminisce about the best moments from the show and things we miss about the show, shall we?


For some reason, I couldn’t find any gifs for him saying that, but I’m sure you guys don’t even need one. We ALL remember his smooth line that he’d deliver while pointing at whoever he’d say it to (mostly Maddie).

Cody’s innocence and how he was still a kid at heart :

insulted insulted 2

Vicious Cody Vicious Cody 2

Cody’s dramaticness:

London’s self-absorbedness and her “YAY ME!”s:

 When Cody came up with the name “Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong”: 

Zack’s adorable crush on Maddie:

Recycling 1 Recycling 2

Recycling 3 Recyling 4

The time when mama’s boy Cody went all gangsta’ on us:

 Zack’s suaveness:

London’s blond moments (which was about 98% of the time):

And who could forget Agnes, the original overly attached girlfriend …. :

London’s brattiness:

When Cody dressed up as a girl named Tyresha for a fashion show (and he was the cutest thing ever!): 

Tyreesha kiss

When we all tried memorizing Esteban’s full name (I finally know it by heart!!):

Cody’s smile right before getting in trouble:

All the characters had some sweet dance moves:

Esteban’s super dramatic “This is a disaster!” (you know you read that in Esteban’s accent): 

When Maddie told everyone that she looks like Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical) and no one believed her:

Muriel’s laziness:

When Mr. Moseby was sick and Esteban’s impression of him was ON POINT:

Cody’s sweetness:

 Woman Woman 2


Arwin’s awkwardness and his freaky obsession with Carey:


He stayed in his little basement, avoiding the world and obsessing over Carey He had a picture of her in his office that lit up everytime he clapped his hands. He would also secretly talk to his cardboard cut out of Carey. Fangirling should be called Arwining.

The episode “The Suite Smell of Excess” where everyone ended up in a parallel universe:

Moseby became a fun, spontaneous, prank-loving troublemaker who let the twins run around the lobby and have all the candy they want. He said he prefers to be called “M” rather than “Mr. Moseby”.

Esteban became Estebanita.

Arwin was super confident and lived life on the edge. Unlike in real life where he was madly in love with Carey, it’s the opposite in the episode – Carey is seen swooning over him, whereas he plays it cool.

Maddie was no longer an intelligent, passionate young woman who works a job at the Tipton. Her and London basically switched roles. Maddie was a rich, spoiled brat with little intelligence.

Like Parallel Moseby, Parallel Carey was extremely laidback, to the point of indifference. She let the boys eat junk food and stay up late. She served lollies and jelly beans for dinner, and she also showed no care towards Zack and Cody’s wellbeing or their feelings.


The Christmas Eve when everyone was frustrated because they were stuck at the Tipton Hotel, but the birth of a baby in the elevator changed the atmosphere and called for a great Christmas Eve:

When Mr. Moseby taught London how to drive:

 Despite all their arguments and the way London mistreated Maddie at times, their friendship still managed to make us smile:

The time Hannah Montana and That’s so Raven did a mashup episode with Suite Life – BEST DAY EVER: 


Heavily promoted, the crossover yielded the three most-watched episodes in the Disney Channel’s nearly 24-year history. 

I’m feeling really nostalgic now. I miss the old days when Family channel actually had good shows! Anyway, that’s all for now. Comment below and let me know if I missed any other moments!

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