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Inspired by Native American tribes, fringe wear is a popular trend that made its way through fashion in the 1920s and has since then been displayed in a variety of outfits that suit different styles. Though it has shied away for a while, this trend is now back in the spotlight and was prominent in countless fashion shows of major designers like Calvin Klein– as seen in his Spring 2014 fashion show.

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I think the fringe trend is going to be here for a while, so we might as well start incorporating it into our outfits! It’s super fun and stylish, and it brings movement and flow to your whole look. But the trick is to wear fringe clothing without looking like a character out of a cowboy movie! Luckily, this trend is so versatile and loads of retail stores carry fringed clothing, accessories, jewellery, bags and even shoes! So, you can incorporate this trend into your outfits in a variety of different ways.




You can subtly incorporate the fringe into a formal outfit; by adding a fringed statement necklace or a pair of fringed earrings for example, to put some energy into an outfit that belongs to a less “fun” setting!



Since it all goes back to personal style, when it comes to casual outfits you can wear as little or as much fringe as you want. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to end up looking like a mop with fringes dangling out of every corner of you! Because it’s such an attention-grabbing element, less is more. So, try to center your outfit on one fringed item and make sure everything else complements it so that the final look isn’t overwhelming.



This outfit is a perfect example of how to ensure everything complements the fringed center piece. I personally love how the entire look is made up of two colours yet still isn’t too simple or bland. The fringed necklace feeds energy to the look and the seemingly endless length extends the eye down the body, so the belt and skirt are more noticeable.


Fringes go really well on skirts and dresses because they’re centered on the lower body and so are continuously in motion, which really brings out energy. Like the fringe trend, this flirty skirt is perfect for the summer! The colour is very unique yet easily pairs with other colours too. If you still can’t quite embrace the fringe trend or don’t picture yourself wearing it so boldly, try adding hints of fringe in your outfits like statement jewellery and slowly ease into it! But don’t miss out on being a part of the fringe trend because it came just in time for the summer and is definitely here to stay!


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