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5 things you should NEVER say to a Torontonian!

We are Torontonians! That means we reside in Toronto, Canada and it also means that we tend to hear these 5 stupid questions repeatedly! If you find yourself in the presence of a Torontonian, or visiting Toronto, Canada, here are a few questions you might want to avoid!

5. Isn’t it really cold in Toronto all year round?

Ah, the classic! Somehow most people believe that we live in igloos, have no electricity and wear the skins of various animals. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, and the city of Toronto is a first class destination. Torontonians enjoy the privilege of having four distinct seasons each year, and winter is one of them. But we are proud of who we are and we love to chant things like “We The North” or “We are Winter”, what ever your sport, ‘We are Canadians’ and Canada is a Northern country, therefore we do have a beautiful winter season that is actually very enjoyable. Usually between the months of January to March our lands are covered with a soft white layer of snow. From about June to August, temperatures climb and an enjoyable summer season is upon us. It is hot, sunny, and beautiful! In between we have milder temperatures, so if you enjoy fall fashion, a crisp chill in the air as the leaves turn bronze, or a spring turnabout, then you will in fact love the varying moods of this city.

4. Drake is from Forest Hill, is that a ghetto in Toronto?


He started from the bottom, yet most Torontonians were left shaking their hips and scratching their heads! Forest Hill is one of the richest neighborhoods in Toronto. Aside from his apparent family money, Drake started his career as a child star on the hit show Degrassi: The Next Generation. Especially appealing in the fall season, Forest Hill boasts some of Toronto’s finest and most expensive properties.

3. I’ve heard Toronto is actually very dirty!


Canada is a very clean country in comparison to other countries, however Toronto is one of the most densely populated cities within Canada. The more people, the more garbage, that’s the way things work. However after traveling extensively, and speaking with a great number of foreigners, I’m not exactly sure how Toronto received this reputation? Many attest to the cleanliness in comparison to other North American destinations such as New York or Miami.

2. Why do other Canadians hate Toronto?


The simple answer, they’re jealous! The long answer, (and probably the more truthful one) is a muddle of history and politics. The important thing is that Torontonians love Canada and all Canadians within it.

1. Doesn’t your Mayor smoke crack?


Like most Torontonians, before I begin writing this I must take a minute to let my thoughts settle. Yes, our mayor smokes crack, and does a whole bunch of other really stupid things. No, this is not typical of Torontonians. Yes, we realize we did vote for him as a representation of our great city. No, we were not aware of his addiction. Yes, we want him out of power and for the world to just forget about him and stop associating him with Toronto. No, this is not just a single opinion, but an overall consensus among Torontonians. Unless you want a rant about the antics of Ford, this is the number one subject to avoid!

There you have it! The topics to avoid when speaking to Torontonians! Don’t get me wrong, we are Canadians so we will still be as polite as possible when answering your stupid question, but we will hold it against you and probably blame your countries lack of educational values for giving you such a dimwitted view of the world. So save the reputation of your country and the people in it by sharing this blog!

About amritzie (3 Articles)
Amrita Singh is a long time Toronto resident and enthusiast. Multi-talented with an interest for just about everything, she is currently studying Theatre and has a background in psychology. She attends York University and hopes to one day make it as a professional… something!

3 Comments on 5 things you should NEVER say to a Torontonian!

  1. As a frequent visitor to Toronto, and someone who has family living there, I wish to elucidate the “Toronto is dirty” perception. Honestly, taping all those concert posters and flyers around the telephone poles has an awful lot to do with it. This isn’t allowed in many places and its amazing how the clutter just disappears. But I love visiting the big TO anyway. The ballet, the ROM, the AGO, the restaurants, etc etc etc. Its a great city.

    • Again I must argue, only because I wonder how exactly people define the Toronto region. Personally living in the suburbs, I find Toronto to be beautiful and very clean, we have amazing parks and responsible citizens. But the downtown core which really only is about 25% of Toronto is dirtier than other parts, but it is also the most congested area. So personally I ind it offensive that people judge our city as dirty having only experienced maybe a quarter of it, rather than it’s entirety.

  2. Last Canadian // October 28, 2014 at 11:59 am // Reply

    The Fords are a LOT better than Tory who the Liberal fascists voted in. I guess there weren’t enough queers in the city, they have to get someone else to open the floodgates. It is a sad day for this once great city. At least Chowderhead isn’t in, although they are basically the same, her and Tory.

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