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Throwback Thursday: Life lessons as learnt from ‘That’s so Raven’


Oh snap – I just had a vision this article will make you nostalgic for the old school disney days and take you back into your childhood.


That’s so Raven was one of those shows that made my childhood that much more awesome. Despite being a light hearted comedy, the show with our favourite psychic taught us a lot of real life lessons – here are a few of them.

1. Always look fabulous.

No matter what the situation, Raven’s fashion was always on point.


2. Best friends are forever.

No matter how many fights they had with each other, Raven, Eddie and Chelsea always had each other’s backs.



3. Let it go and be the bigger person.

When Raven had the chance to get even with a frenemy, she chose not to do so, because getting even would make her just as bad. Often times we get caught up in getting even without realizing that we are corrupting ourselves in the process. Our beloved psychic taught us that we should…


 4. Never be someone you’re not to impress anyone else.

Every time Raven put on a disguise and pretended to be someone else in order to get a guy to like her, she found out that he liked her better the way she was. As I once read somewhere, ‘To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.’  You shouldn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! WORK IT GIRL!


5. Everyone is beautiful.

As corny as it sounds – it is true. Self-acceptance is something that most of us struggle with. Media has shaped the concept of the ideal beauty, and we take many measures to attain this beauty ideal, not realizing that the majority of time, it is unattainable. In an episode where Raven was rejected from the fashion show because she wasn’t a size 2, she made it clear that she was comfortable with NOT being a size 2, and your size does not dictate your beauty.



6. tsr8 There isn’t much to say for this one; it’s pretty self-explanatory.


This was one of my favourite shows growing up, Raven Baxter was such a relatable character. She always got herself into hilarious situations, and through her situations we learnt many valuable life lessons that we will remember forever. Thanks, Raven Baxter.

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