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Meet The Sunglasses That Alert You When You Lose Them

One in two people will lose their sunglasses in the very first year they buy them. But according to Tzukuri, you will never lose theirs. If you often find yourself in a situation where you leave your sunglasses behind at a restaurant or in public and need reminding to pick up those stunner shades you just spent a ridiculous amount of money on, then Tzukuri sunglasses will do just that. They will remind you to not leave your fashion sense behind. Yup.

The Sydney based company has launched sunglasses that keeps track of your location and notifies you when you leave your cool shades behind. The company uses Apple’s Bluetooth chips or iBeacon technology in their shades to locate and send alerts. This technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your phone, which is embedded in the temple (side arms) of the frames. Once you have paired your sunglasses with your phone, which is all you ever have to do, the Tzukuri app will alert your phone when you move 16 ft (5m) away from your shades. You will receive further alerts at 32 ft (10m) and 50 ft (15m) unless you dismiss the notifications to remind your phone that you ain’t going out looking all fly today. Intelligently enough, the app learns when you’re at home or work, and will not disturb you by turning off alerts.

How does this chip stay powered on all the time, though? Won’t it run out of battery? The chip will never run out of juice as it’s integrated with a solar cell where you don’t have to charge or change the batteries. Importantly, it will not drain your phone’s battery as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0), a new technology that draws very little power. And there is no need to have the Tzukuri app running in the background at all times for it to alert you. But as long as your Bluetooth is on and you have downloaded the app, you will always be able to receive notifications (please tell me you knew Bluetooth needs to be on).

And that’s not all. It works the other way round too. Yeah, in cases where you walk off looking all cool with your shades on but you forget your phone behind, the app will realize your shades moving away from your mobile device and will trigger a ring from your unoccupied phone. So it saves you both ways. But at what cost?

At the moment, these glasses are made for the iPhone only, and is priced at $230 on preorder, and will retail for $322 upon launch, which is scheduled for December 2014. Customers currently have a choice of six styles of sunglasses to choose from which are undoubtedly very stylish with a heavy touch of Japanese craftsmanship. Although this young company is based in Australia, the glasses will be handcrafted in Japan. So, it’s sure to scream “high quality!!”

Now the question is, would you buy them? Sound off in the comments below.

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