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A Guide for New or Soon-to-be Pet Owners

Dogs are a man’s best friend. But in fact, any household pet is deemed to be so around the world! All of our domestic pets soften our heart and can brighten even the worst of days. However, there are a lot of responsibilities that must be met. Owning a living creature no matter how small is tough and should be treated seriously. At times, that’s unfortunately not always happening.

As you might recall, Easter festivities happened in April. During this time, there is a lot of advertisement either on TV or online that showcase the rabbit as a cute, fun, and wonderful animal. Under the influence of such encouragement, many families and individuals will purchase rabbits for this occasion. The downfall? After the holidays, people tend to discover the hardships of being a pet owner and some eventually return them back to the store or even let it into the wild.


Similar scenario happens to many pets such as cats, dogs, lizards, and more. It’s sometimes needed to remind others that animals have emotions and feelings as well. Owning an animal means meeting a certain level of responsibility. Have you currently bought an animal and are unsure if you can manage one? Or are you simply planning of finding a new companion? If yes, I’ve compiled a list that should be considered below.

  1. Time

Any kind of animal needs work. Whether it is cleaning a tank, going on walks, buying supplies, or changing bedding, you should expect to spend time on your fellow friend. Also, they exercise  such as taking runs together, playing, etc. Be certain you have room to relax and spend quality time with your pet.

walking dog

  1. Space

Beds, litter boxes, cages, tanks, you name it. All animals require space to live comfortably. Animals have the same basic needs as humans do so it’s important that you provide room for your pet to play and spend time in.


  1. Money

Truth to be told, owning a pet is not always cheap. There is equipment, food, health, vaccination, and countless other things that may take a toll on your budget. Plan everything out carefully before you continue to invest in your pet!


  1. Commitment

Nothing is a walk in the park. There is a mixture of patience and frustration that comes with being a pet owner. Make sure that you have the determination of being there for your pet  through rain or shine, day or night. That’s how you really show them your love!


The idea of being responsible with essentially a living being may seem frightening. However, in the long run, a life filled with company and most importantly a friend is definitely worth it.

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About the contributor: Ellen is a high school student who enjoys many activities such as reading, writing, playing various instruments and watching movies. She hopes to one day pursue a career in journalism.

About nelle212 (6 Articles)
Ellen is a high school student who loves to read, write, and listen to music. She is oddly fond of umbrellas and giraffes.

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