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A trip to Paris: Douce France

Name: Douce France

Location: Yonge and Eglinton

Once I entered Douce France I felt transported to Paris. The Parisian café-boutique is adorned with icons of Paris, like pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and motifs that reflect the appreciation of art in French culture.  Don’t worry the café is neither overly sophisticated nor pretentious. This characteristic makes Douce France unique because the cafe simultaneously upholds comfort and quality. My family was greeted with a “Bonjour” and a grin then we were seated at wooden table.

Douce France 2

Although Douce France offers a variety of sweet treats, the café specializes in artisan chocolates either made in house or imported from France. We decided to purchase the “10 chocolates for 10 dollars” deal because the café donates the revenue from this deal to the Canadian Cancer Society. This procedure explains the paper flowers that symbolize the Canadian Cancer Society in a glass vase on top of the table. Since the chocolates are made using traditional methods with 70% cocoa and pure cocoa butter, I was not surprised that the chocolates entranced my soul with each bite. Each chocolate has a distinct flavour, like cinnamon or caramel, that’s unique, but not overwhelming. I enjoyed the subtle flavours and velvety texture each chocolate offered, I dreaded when the experience ended.

Douce France 3

We were given a menu that described the various teas, hot chocolates, coffees, and traditional comfort food to accompany a hot beverage. Walk down a narrow corridor with shelves displaying a variety of goodies customers can take home, like caramels or biscuits, and you’ll meet Angelina. Angelina roasts and brews the coffee herself. She is also the woman behind brewing tea and has mastered making the café’s famous hot chocolate.

Douce France 4

The flavour of the cappuccino was silky smooth and was topped with delightful froth. The café serves the cappuccino with sugar on the side and a small treat.

douce france 1

Visit Douce France for an authentic French experience and even more authentic French taste.

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