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Why You Should Go to the Sziget Music Festival

Sziget is a music festival that takes place every year in Budapest, Hungary. For all you travellers out there this is one festival you cannot miss! With big names like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Calvin Harris, Imagine Dragons, Lilly Allen & Bastille (And that’s only this year) and every year more artists come, this is a festival for all music lovers. Wether you’re into rock, jazz, pop, techno or simple the top 40 hits you are guaranteed to fall in love with Sziget. It starts August 11th and ends a week later on th 18th of August. Sziget has been going on since the early 1990’s when Hungary was freed from their opressive government and is now a symbol of the celebration of freedom of young people. After winning the best major festival title at the European festival awards, Sziget is gaining popularity around the world.

Nicknamed the “Island of Freedom” by locals and tourists alike, Sziget takes place on an island in the Danube River, right in the middle of Budapest. This means that with a short walk you can visit the museums, clubs and hot baths Hungary is known for. Not many people may think of visiting Hungary for a summer trip but there are so many amazing places to see and experience that it’s quickly becoming a hot spot for young people to see. Right now you can buy a city pass along with your festival ticket for an extra 12-30 Euros which grants you access to the busses, trains and subways. By paying 209 Euros you get a five day pass to the festivities along with camping on festival grounds. The ‘Island of Freedom’ really is another world, there is even a grocery store set up for the week so visitors have everything they need close by. 

Another main reason to visit Sziget is because everything in Hungary is cheap! You can afford, as a young person, to travel around the city and see all of the attractions. You can take the safe public transit, walk through the streets and rent a car for much cheaper than you would be able to in North America. Tickets for Sziget range from 50 Euros to 300 Euros with camping also available. Compared to popular music festivals like Coachella whose tickets are over 375$ for a weekend, Sziget has great prices. 

One thing to remember is that Sziget Festival is one place you have to visit while you’re young. Spending time on the “Island of Freedom” with lounges, concerts, beaches and much more can be what makes this summer the best one you’ve ever had. Travelling the world is the best way to learn and experience. This is no ordinary music festival, it’s an experience of a lifetime. You get culture, music, love, friendship, and education. Now go explore!

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I am a professional Communication student at Ryerson University. I love writing, travelling, culture & history. I was born in Canada but lived in Angola and Dubai as well as a few other places.

3 Comments on Why You Should Go to the Sziget Music Festival

  1. Any advice on hostels in Budapest for a traveller planning to buy day tickets for Sziget instead of the camping ticket? Struggling to find one close by at a good price.

    • gquirk,
      There aren’t any hostels I know of on the Island, yet there are many hostels off the Island you can stay in, many are about 20-30 minutes away though… I strongly advise purchasing the camping ticket for cabins if you do not want to stay in a tent. Go to this link: to see the available types of accomodations provided by Sziget. There is also accomodations off the Island by sziget ( You can check out as well 🙂

      Hope that I was able to help!

  2. Selah Eglington,

    have you already been to the SzigetHostel you recommend here!? I haven’t found anything about in on the internet and now I’m not pretty sure if it’s safe to book a room there? Any advice!?

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