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Reminders Towards A Healthy Relationship

A relationship is one of the toughest yet most amazing parts of people’s lives. In today’s world every relationship is different. There are long distance relationships, relationships where the 2 parties have never met, same sex relationships, young relationships, old relationships, long lasting relationships, short relationships, there really is no limit. Relationships without a doubt are not easy and are not for everyone; and unfortunately many people get into situations that are difficult to get out of.

I personally have never been in this sort of situation, but I have heard of and witnessed relationships where one party is treated unfairly. I always ask myself. Why do people put themselves into these situations? What is so great about the person who puts you down or makes you cry? Is it really worth all the heartbreak and sorrow? The logical answer to me is no. In most of these cases I have seen girls become so immune to this emotional abuse that they do not know what to do to move on. In a lot of cases, it is easier said than done.

My advice to these people? Listen to your closest friends and family. It is as simple as that. Usually you are told to forget about other people’s opinions and advice, but this time, it is the advice of the closest people in your life that will matter the most. Friends and family will always have your best interest, and although it may be difficult to hear at first, it will ultimately be a push towards the right direction. Also, never let someone put you down and make you feel worthless. Remember that you deserve the best and to never sell yourself short. It may be easier said than done but with the help of loved ones, you will be able to get out of a bad situation.

Relationships are not meant to make you feel small and insignificant. A relationship is about sharing your time with someone who you care about and want to be around. It is about showing support and having respect for one another. A relationship requires work, but the kind of work that you want to do, it should never feel like a chore. Finding someone who you are compatible and comfortable with is a difficult task to begin with, but once you do find that person, it truly changes your life for the better. Remember to never compromise your needs and values and if it helps to look at your grandparents as a sample “perfect” relationship, then make that your “criteria” for a happy and healthy relationship. No one is perfect and there will be difficult times but there is nothing wrong with striving for perfection. And if a relationship is something that is not for you then stay happy and don’t forget that you are number one!

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Nieko has finished her 3rd year in French and Environmental & Health Studies at Glendon College, York University. She enjoys reading, playing with her dog, baking and leading a healthy lifestyle by staying active and eating healthy. She also has a passion for languages and travel.

2 Comments on Reminders Towards A Healthy Relationship

  1. Thank you for your article! It touches my heart deeply because I have recently went through something similar case .About 3 years ago my husband left me and 2 of our kids for 3years to another woman. During this years of our separation I was so broken, so I finally went to a friend of mine who directed me to a spell caster Dr. Akim who helps me in reuniting my family and then i felt peace and felt whole love again. After the casting of the love spell, My Ex-husband offered me a job, to work at his His company. so I obeyed and went. After working together in 1 week we had come closer & starting dating and hanging out as a family with the kids again, Dr. Akim has restored our marriage in a way I have NEVER expected, but I’m truly Thankful!

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    • Thank you for sharing your story. Stories like these are what I hope will remind people to never quit and to always work towards a better you. Relationships have their ups and downs and sometimes the help of an outsider is needed. Best of luck for your future!

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