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Coffee, two sugars, and…a board game?

Name of Café: Roll Play Café

Location: 10 Edward St, Toronto, ON

Although TIP already has a review on Roll Play Cafe, I noticed the review provided no insight on their coffee. I felt the need to experience their coffee first-hand. Click on this link: “Roll Play Cafe: Bringing Back Nostalgic Fun”  to visit the old review and for information on the entrees and snacks at Roll Play Cafe.

Located just north of Yonge and Dundas, Roll Play Café offers a selection of board games to play, while enjoying a coffee and a meal. While most coffee shops are serene and quiet, the environment at Roll Play Café is robust and exciting. The unique atmosphere at Roll Play Café is perfect for stirring up some healthy competition during a night out with friends.

I figured the café would be the perfect place to bond with my little sister over a cup o’Joe. We walk up electric blue stairs leading to the café and right away we catch the attention of a server who makes sure we’re seated. My sister and I are directed to an inviting black booth by a window that overlooks the bustling street of Yonge and Dundas. The table is spacious and has a game of “Connect Four” on top. Once we settle in, we have to get back up to choose a game.

Since Roll Play Café offers about 300 board games, selecting a game is quite tricky. The offerings range from classic board games, like “Monoply” and “Sorry”, to new games, like “Nuns on the Run”. Although they do categorize the games, each category is vague. It would help if the cafe offered a “Game of the Day” section or a “Recommended” section.


Since we were only two people, my sister and I chose “Battleship.”

battleship use

Both my sister and I ordered a cappuccino. The server passively insisted we get sugar on the side. I was delighted to see they were cane sugar packets- not that refined garbage! On to the coffee, the cappuccino was just how a cappuccino should be; it had a frothy beginning and had a smooth ending (sounds like the plot of a cheesy romantic comedy called “Coffee Actually”).

roll play coffee

While the servers were polite, they weren’t very resourceful. When I asked for the bill, that’s when my server decided to tell me that, although there is no fee, there is a minimum payment of ten dollars each per person. My sister and I didn’t plan to go to the cafe, so we had lunch earlier and didn’t have the appetite to eat food. Although I was grateful they waived the payment, I left the place feeling angry and misinformed even though I had a great time. Roll play café is a great place, but offers bad service.

Despite the mishap, I had a great time playing games and sipping on coffee. Judging by the crowd of people engaged in competitive behaviour, I wasn’t the only one having fun. I encourage people to visit Roll Play Café with an appetite for food to fulfill their ten-dollar requirement and an appetitite for kicking butt at whatever board game you choose.

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