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Daily Changes Towards a Healthier You

Healthy Smoothie

People are afraid of change and they are afraid of being uncomfortable. By this I mean the feeling of “ugh why am I eating broccoli rather than those lays chips?”… we’ve all been there. You feel uncomfortable the first (and often second and even tenth) time you try something new, but feeling uncomfortable does not mean it is wrong. It just means it is out of your ordinary. If you accustomed yourself to eating junk food and treating your body poorly, then that is what it has grown to expect – greasy, salty, artery clogging food.

This article will focus on the small changes you can make in your lifestyle to make it healthier. If you always eat unhealthy, try challenging yourself to one day of healthy eating – by that I mean cutting out the fries, pop and pizza and replacing them with water, vegetables and lean meat. Don’t forget to treat yourself – some dark chocolate or frozen yogurt are great and healthy ideas to satisfy that sweet tooth.


Don’t worry about counting calories when you first make the transition into healthy living and eating well – in fact, forget about calo Focus more on the portion size and quality of food on your plate. Look at the color, variety and freshness of the food you eat. Try to have some protein (meats, beans, quinoa, almonds) and vegetables in each meal. Start small, because if you force yourself to cut out all the greasy food you ate earlier (unless you’ve got superhuman self-restraint) you’ll quickly succumb to the call of the fries and end up binging on them. Do not think of it as “off-limits” because that is usually when we cave. Tell yourself you’ll eat it later and eventually you’ll forget about wanting it. Make it a gradual change; add a salad to your dinner, drink water over pop, green tea instead of coffee. Remember that one “good” meal isn’t going to fix the years of bad food you’ve been eating just the same as one “bad” meal won’t kill you.

You’ll want to switch from eating 3 huge meals a day and instead incorporate multiple smaller meals throughout the day. Snack on things such as fruits, vegetable sticks, nuts, granola bars or Greek yogurt. In doing so you’re keeping your metabolism going throughout the day instead of the stop-and-go system it is used to at the moment, helping you burn more calories.

These are just a few simple little tips to change your eating habits and ultimately your lifestyle for the better. Try challenging yourself a little more each week (or month), for example try focusing on finding a recipe that you like for a food you might not be so fond of. Start some light forms of exercise if you aren’t already. Exercising before your shower is a great and quick way to get in a workout. Keep at it and you will see results. Above all, don’t give up because at the end of the day it is your health and your life that depend on these decisions.

Try this workout before your next shower:

Words to live by: the food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Think about that next time you reach for the greasy pizza.

About the contributor: Masha Petrasinovic is a student of York University, studying International Studies. She enjoys spending time outdoors as well as practicing various martial arts. She is heavily focused on living a healthy lifestyle, including working out, eating well, and having fun while doing it. 


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