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Wearable Technology: Technology of the Future

Wearable technology is the trend that is catching on like wildfire amongst companies both big and small.


Android has just released a video that previews their new “Android Wear” line. They’re another juggernaut in the industry that has announced they’re going to be diving into wearable technology.

It’s a watch that acts like a smartphone, except without the phone component. You’re able to tell the watch what to do using voice commands, and swipe in either direction to switch to new screen. This is only one of the examples of what Android has in store for the public, so stay tuned – the best is yet to come!


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Jack Hui is the founder of The International Passion. He is currently studying business at York University. He has a passion for food, wine, and watches. You can follow him on Twitter at @theoriginaljath

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