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Just Dance Franchise: Game Review from a non-gamer’s perspective

With the invention of motion sensing software, interactive gaming has been more popular than ever, especially in the recent years as of 2014. There are several consoles that have taken advantage of this, the most notable being the Wii by Nintendo and the Kinect by Microsoft for Xbox 360. The “Just Dance” franchise is a video game series that thrives on physical action through dance as a means of successfully playing the game. Users are able to dance to the hottest and popular tracks with up to three other people (not including the option to dance and compete on the online worldwide stage in the latest installment, Just Dance 2014). Dancers, such as you, follow the mirror image of the on-screen silhouette, and successfully imitating the dance will score you points on the ranking system.

The game is a great way to be active, and really embodies the expression, “Dance like nobody’s watching!” because the normal everyday crowd is a bit awkward, squeamish, and even apprehensive when it comes to dancing and so ‘Just Dance’ encourages people to get up, move and have fun! Playing the game with a group of friends definitely makes it easier and a few laughs are to be shared. With motion sensing software, you are the controller.

Depending on the system console, if you play ‘Just Dance’ on the Kinect for Xbox 360, the movement of your entire body on par with the on-screen dancer matters. The way they move their legs, hips and arms dictate what you should be able to do as well, and as a result the ‘dancing’ is more legitimate. However, on the Wii, one will notice that the movement of your right hand as you hold the Wii remote only matters when it comes to the routine. You would have to really give it your all to make the game worth your effort and time to have the overall experience.

The tracks are decent and often include the latest popular songs that are mostly pop genre. Expect Lady Gaga, One Direction, Katy Perry and Rihanna. The dance routines vary from easy to difficult and even have fitness routines to complement the body workout. The game is definitely fun, but what I would critique on is the fact that once you’ve played all the songs, and eventually know the routines like the back of your hand, it can get old and cumbersome to continue playing the game. The ‘Just Dance’ franchise attempts to change this by adding new downloadable content available for purchase every once in a while as new songs are released and published. But even then, after playing it a few times the routine gets old quickly. Regardless, the graphics are vibrant, quirky and I love how they match and vary depending on the song. Get up, get moving and own the dance floor!

Just Dance – Alexander Truong – Score: 6.5/10

About the contributor: Alexander Truong is a student pursuing his BSc in Biology and a minor in French Studies. He enjoys many activities such as swimming, gaming, and volunteering. Favourite novels of his include Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and most novels by Dr. Seuss.


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