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Three alpine Paralympians score more medals for Canada at Sochi

Athletes Josh Dueck, Chris Williamson and Kimberly Joines secured three more medals on Friday, adding to the 8 our Canadian athletes obtained over the course of games.

Having already won a silver medal last Saturday, 33-year-old Josh Dueck was off to a great start. However, the British Columbian managed to top his performance by winning a gold in men’s Super Combined Super-G, finishing at 2:18.20. Dueck’s time put him nearly a second ahead of USA’s Heath Calhoun, and exactly two seconds ahead of Austrian athlete Roman Rubi.


  Josh Dueck celebrating at the flower ceremony post his gold medal win.

“I’m speechless, over the moon,” Dueck said after the race. “I knew I had a chance, but there were very good skiers here. They all push it, but today was my day. I had already experienced some very challenging races. But this one was the best.”

Meanwhile, a bronze was awarded to Chris Williamson, who stuck through tricky snow conditions for his win; the weather outdid his teammate Mac Marcoux.

“This was a choppy rodeo ride,” Williamson said of the slalom course. “It’s heavy and there are tricky ruts.”

The 41-year-old finished with a time of 1:48.61, 5.40 behind gold-medalist Valerii Redkozubov of Russia, and 1.79 seconds behind silver-medalist Yon Dantacana Maiztegui of Spain.

Though Williamson came into the second run tied with Slovakia’s Jakub Krako, he was not disappointed that he dropped a spot.

“I’m extremely happy,” he said. “I just got back from injury; this is my first race of the year. A medal of any colour is exceptional.”


Chris Williamson racing in men’s slalom.

And, on Thursday, the International Paralympic Committee Alpine Skiing Board of Appeal overturned the disqualification of German skier Anna Schaffelhuber, ensuring British Columbian Kimberly Joines a bronze medal. The Canadian took part in the women’s sit-ski slalom at the Paralympics on Wednesday, but her silver position was questioned due to the complication.

Schaffelhuber was disqualified after the first run of the race for not having her outriggers in a stationary and fixed position at the start. The German athlete appealed and was allowed to race the second run while a decision was being made.

“Schaffelhuber had not gained a competitive advantage from her start and therefore should not have been disqualified.” said the committee.

Her combined time was fast enough to win, pushing her teammate Anna-Lena Forster into second place and Joines into third.

The Canadian athlete finished her two runs in a combined time of 2:15.16, well ahead of bronze-medalist Laurie Stephens of the United States, who will finish fourth.

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