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The Showcase: Andrew Huang

Throughout the past decade, how many musicians have you stumbled upon the internet? How many times have you wandered through the vast jungles of YouTube or Soundcloud, and eventually found an awesome song by someone you’ve never even heard of? You know who they are. Some stay unsigned and independent, loving what they do on YouTube and on other websites. Some have risen to stardom, touring around the world and putting on spectacular concerts.

Andrew Huang is a musician who has managed to stay independent, yet performed all across the world. Under many different and peculiar names, this independent multi-instrumentalist had a burning passion for music ever since he was young. When interviewed about his musical background on Cross Rhythms, Andrew gushed with a passion.

“I started rapping when I was three and learning piano when I was four. Music was just a fun hobby for me until my teens when I discovered a lot of the rock music my friends were listening to, and realized that all I wanted to do was to write and record songs.”


Andrew Huang promoting “Ghost II”, one of his many musical projects with Emily Haines of “Metric”.

His journey to internet stardom all began on the internet, where his website helped him skyrocket to internet fame; all because he takes submitted song ideas and turns them into full-fledged music pieces.

According to his website, the Toronto-born Andrew Huang started up his music career when he was in his second year of university. The original idea of his site came from auctions he posted on eBay. The winning bidder would receive a personalized song created and produced by Andrew Huang. This later spawned his website, ““, a website where he would take song ideas, no matter how ridiculous, and creates songs out of them.

And I mean any request. One song in particular was requested by an unknown viewer, and it gave Andrew Huang almost five million views on YouTube. “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows” is by far his most popular song, even getting the catchy tune to play in “Pizza Pizza” restaurants across Toronto. More importantly, he created the entire song for free.

Andrew Huang aspires to create music in every genre, as said on his YouTube page. Under names like “Suture Sound”, “VS”, “Your Heart”, “Girl”, “The Cloud” and Ghostface Kilobyte”, it’s almost impossible to find all of Andrew Huang’s music. Under these names, Andrew has experimented with all sorts of musical styles, ranging from 8-bit video game music to rap to folk. Nowadays, he’s been taking many song challenges. He’s played the Breaking Bad theme song using crystal meth lab equipment, made a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” by flicking his fingers against his cheeks, and even made a whole rap without ever using the letter “E”.

Source: (Click the picture to be taken to the video)

Andrew Huang playing the Breaking Bad theme Song with meth lab equipment.

Andrew Huang still makes music independently to this day. Although his website isn’t as bustling as it was back in 2004, he is very active on his Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp and YouTube accounts. He is currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand, promoting his new album “Winter”.

You can buy Andrew Huang’s “Winter”, or browse some of his other albums at

About the Contributor: John Mendoza is an aspiring writer and student from Toronto. He enjoys listening to music, playing the piano and watching television.

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