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Tetris Business Cards: The Future of Networking

Ah, the business card. A symbol of your position and dignity as a working-class citizen. An object to be well respected and looked after in some countries, but mostly tossed out and forgotten in many others.  That all changed when the forbidden union of gaming and productivity conceived the unthinkable—the business card Tetris console.

The future is here.

Oregon programmer Kevin Bates has revolutionized the digital industry with the Arduboy, the one device to satisfy your geeky nostalgic fantasies and get you a job. The Arduboy is a singular gaming console and business card hybrid based on the popular Arduino DIY computing platform.  This 1.6 millimetre thick wonder features a compact OLED screen, piezo speaker for top notch “8-bit” sounds and touch-sensitive buttons in a similar layout to the classic Gameboy configuration.  The current model comes embedded with the full original version of Tetris complete with 3-character scoreboard and the iconic Korobeiniki theme song. In addition to Tetris, Bates has recently released a game called Flappy Ball, which, if you hadn’t guessed by the name, is a clone of the widely popular smartphone application Flappy Bird. Yes, your business card now allows you to play Flappy Bird…there is still darkness in the future. On the more practical side, the Arduboy can also display a full scrolling résumé along with a QR code. The whole device provides you with over 9 hours of run time using just one button cell battery.

Wow. Talk about leaving a lasting impression…or leaving something for your prospective employer to play around with and completely ignore the actual business card part… but hey, at least it’s not getting tossed in the recycling bin anytime soon right?

Aside from fuelling our lust for oldschool gaming paraphernalia, Bates plans for the Arduboy to be a large scale crowd-sourced project that can also be used as an educational tool in the fields of electronics and programming.  He describes the Arduboy as a “blank canvas”, a console open to a limitless variety of publicly developed games and applications. This means that anybody with the technical knowhow can develop unique games and upload their source code to the web for others to download.  As a matter of fact, one of the games currently in development is a clone of the Pokémon, the Holy Grail of handheld games.

Bates is currently starting a Kickstarter campaign to have the Arduboy mass-produced. As a part of the Kickstarter, Arduboy kits will be sold at a target price of $30 and a limited quantity of fully assembled Arduboys will be sold at a target price of $50.

Now with the business card of the future at your fingertips, get up off that junk food-laden couch, pull yourself out of that gaming stupor and look for a job! Show them how smart you are! You have opportunities now!

…Or you can just stagnate in that very couch and waste even more of your life on hours of dropping blocks into lines and tapping your way through warp pipes because let’s face it, that’s pretty much what you’re going to end up doing anyways.

Check out the current Arduboy website here.

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