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D.N.R.: A Veteran’s Story for a Universal Cause

Director, Writer, Actor and Army Veteran David Conley is using his award-winning short film, D.N.R., to raise awareness and funds for veterans in need of assistance. Inspired by his time in the US Army and his friends suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Conley is offering a paid stream of this film on the website for his production company, Munirah Entertainment. PTSD is an issue that affects many people and attracts the attention of relatively few, and so he hopes that this film can both entertain audiences and assist those in need through the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that has been helping both physically and mentally wounded veterans since 2001.

D.N.R. tells the story of Dean (played by Conley), an Iraq war veteran who is confronting his wife, Esther (Sharon Conley, seen in The Blind Side and The Hunger Games), about an affair that she had while he was overseas. This film began as a pilot for a TV series and was entered in 3 film festivals upon its completion in 2010. It went on to be crowned Best Short by both the Bronze Lens Film Festival and the St. Louis Film Critics Association, from whom they also received awards for Best Actress and Best Director. “It’s a really entertaining and gripping piece,” says Conley, who directed, wrote and starred in D.N.R., “but once people enjoy it, […] we want to take those proceeds and help some people with it.”

David Conley has been involved in the arts from a young age: acting since age 5 and writing since age 9. He began directing on stage in 1993 and moved on to film in 2000. His stage-directing led to the creation of the Munirah Theatre Group, with whom he performed across the USA. This theatre group eventually became Munirah Entertainment and his break into the film industry. Raising Izzie, a TV movie written by Conley, premiered on UPtv in 2012 and its world premiere is the network’s biggest to date. Conley was a Military Police Officer before the Iraq War. He did not go to fight in the Middle East, but some of his friends did, many of which returned with PTSD. “I’m not a counsellor, so I can’t go and impact it that way. So as an artist, I have to say, what is it that I can do? I can use my art to help in this situation and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Munirah Entertainment is an independent company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The word “Munirah” means “one who enlightens”, aptly relevant to the company’s goal of creating thought provoking films. Their film “Tapestry of Shadows” tackles street violence and the struggles of finding the right course of action to take. D.N.R. takes on the difficulties of soldiers returning home from war and the effects that PTSD has on them and their families. Currently, they are working on a movie about the return of a father to his three sons after many years, meant to show the significance of a father’s influence and responsibility to the family. Also in the works are two TV series; one about a former Military Canine Specialist who trains dogs to assist people in specific situations, the other about the power of food and how peoples’ relationships are affected by it. Not all of Munirah’s productions are heavy hitting.

If you can spare half an hour of time to click on the link below and watch this movie, you will be taking a small part in helping a big cause. As Conley said, “You can do so little, but you can help so many.”


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