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Geneva Motor Show Part 1

The Geneva motor show, held every year since 1905 has always attracted the finest in automotive engineering and design to showcase their best and upcoming works to the public. It is a place of wonder, awe and recognition of transportation as an art form. In this series of articles we take a look at all the winners and losers at this year’s show.

1. Lamborghini Huracan


The successor of the commercially successful Gallardo, the Huracan appeals to the senses with eye-catching design and a monster V10 engine pumping out over 600HP. Although the car overall looks a bit too smooth, a bit too scientific which is more evidence that since the Audi takeover, Lamborghini is losing its soul. One car at a time.

2. Bentley Continental Flying Spur


Bentley bring out their best as always in a direct competitor to the Rolls Royce Ghost. Aimed to be a more driver focussed and a traditional British saloon, the flying spur makes travelling a breeze whether you’re a driver or passenger. It guarantees to make a statement and makes you part of an exclusive clientele. But given the driving experience and the features offered for the money, it still does not compare with the Rolls.

3. Rolls Royce Ghost Series – II


Rolls Royce hasn’t always held the title of the best car in the world. It lost it in the 80s and 90s. Recent ownership of BMW has seen the company flourish and exceed every expectation. The mini roller, Ghost has been a commercial and an engineering success with critics applauding worldwide. From the cloud suspension which delivers the best ride on planet earth to the exquisite interior which though simplistic, retains all the creature comforts you would expect of a car which costs north of $250,000. In my opinion, not only is the Ghost a better value for money but a finer expression of luxury and taste.

4. Bugatti Veyron Legend Rembrant


Bugatti returns to Geneva bringing with it another special edition Veyron. At this point, we have learnt not to expect innovation at the Bugatti booth. Bottom line, its a brown veyron vitesse. Bugatti states they have 50 veyrons to sell before the project is officially completed and the replacement begins development. I think i’m one of the growing group of people wanting millionaires to buy them asap so we could see what this legendary company can offer next.

Stay tuned for the second part covering more upcoming models coming soon

About the contributor: Arjun Thapar is an Economics student at York University. Born and raised in India but is currently living in hockey-land and loving it. His interests include microeconomics, automobiles, formula one and football.


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