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Uber: The Classy Way To Get Around Town


Do you want to get around in style? There’s a new service in town, and it’s called Uber.

Uber is a company that was founded in March 2009 that provides black car services to people all around the world. Uber started from an idea of creating a service for on demand taxi cabs. Later, the people behind the idea realized its potential and turned it into a luxury car service.

The company currently has 5 different types of vehicles that you can request to be picked up in. The list from cheapest to most expensive: uberX, Taxi, Black, SUV, and last but certainly not least Lux.

The cost for riding uber is much higher than the cost of riding in a normal taxi, but their advantage is the hospitality that every driver gives you. Their drivers are very professional and have the utmost hospitality towards their passengers. Their services may be on the pricier side, but it’s more than clear their service is way above par.


Regarding pricing, there’s no such thing as a surprise bill. In the Uber app, when you enter your current location to your destination it provides you a clear and accurate price range so you know what you’re paying before you even order the car. You also don’t need to tip the drivers, as the tip is already included in your cost. This way you’re not scrambling to count change or trying to find your wallet to tip the drivers appropriately.

There is also a “split fare” feature, where you’re able to split your fare with another passenger with Uber. Everything is split equally amongst the passengers, so there’s no such thing as one passenger paying more than another.

After you’ve ridden in a car provided by Uber, you have the option of rating your driver. Only the passengers who have ridden with the driver are able to rate them. This allows for accurate measures of how well the driver performs while in the car with you. Personally I haven’t seen a driver under 3.5 stars, and I’ve only seen 3.5 stars once out of all my trips with Uber.

Having said all of this, there’s one last thing that Uber does to please its customers. During worldwide events, such as Valentines Day, an Uber user will be able to order a bouquet of roses for his or her loved one. This is only one of the many examples of what Uber does to keep that competitive advantage that they already have over regular cab companies.

Want to try it out? Download Uber on your phone today and use the promo code 285C2 to get $20 in free credits towards your first black car ride!

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