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IntelliscreenX 7 Released: The Reason to Jailbreak

IntelliScreenX 7 is finally here.

Intelliborn, the developer of IntelliScreenX teased the jailbreak community with a video last week that can be found here:

This tweak is already widely known throughout the jailbreak community but non-jailbreakers wouldn’t be aware of the level of greatness IntelliScreenX.

IntelliScreenX is a mod for an iPhone users lockscreen, which allows the user to add Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, Email, Calendar, and Messages to your home screen. Non-jailbroken iPhones can only view some of the notifications listed above.

It’s not only a complete redesign of your lockscreen, but also modifies the Notifications Center as well. It allows you to access and read what you need on the go much quicker than having your iPhone at stock settings.

Note that this is still in beta, so at its current state there may be some bugs. A full release will be scheduled for the near future.

Users who purchased IntelliScreenX 6 can upgrade to IntelliScreenX 7 for free and users of IntelliScreenX prior to version 6 are able to upgrade to 7 for $4.99. If you haven’t purchased the tweak before, you can purchase it for $9.99 from the Cydia store.

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