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Canada wins 4 of the 6 Medals in World Cup moguls

On March 1st, Canadian athletes dominated the World Cup moguls competition in Inawashiro, Japan winning 4 of the possible 6 medals. On the women’s side the Dufour-Lapointe shared the podium again bringing back a gold and a bronze. On the men’s side the men won silver and bronze. American athletes won the other two medals not won by the Canadian athletes. These results are nearly identical to the results from Sochi where Canadian athletes also won 4 of the 6 medals.

Montreal’s Justine Dufour-Lapointe won gold again at the moguls World Cup event on Saturday proving to the world that her gold medal at Sochi wasn’t just luck. The World cup was held in Inawashiro, Japan. On her final run she earned an impressive 23.51 points edging out America’s Heather McPhie’s run that earned 22.99 points. The bronze was awarded to Maxime Dufour-Lapointe, the eldest sister in the family with 22.67 points. Not a bad month for the Dufour-Lapointe sisters! Just two weeks ago Chloé Dufour-Lapointe won the silver medal at the Olympics but fell on her first jump and didn’t qualify for the finals.

Other Canadian athletes include Andi Naude who placed 5th, Christel Hamel who placed 10th and Audrey Robichaud who placed 15th. These top 20 finishes give Canadians hope that there are many talented athletes to come who have the potential to win.

America’s Bradley Wilson won gold with 24.30 points followed closely by Canada’s Marc-Antoine Gagnon who earned 24.25 points. Gagnon from Terrebone, Quebec came fourth in Sochi and this silver medal is his best-ever World Cup finish. Another Canadian picked up third place: Mikael Kingsbury of Deux Montagnesm, Quebec who won the silver medal in Sochi. Kingsbury made a mistake on his final run but squeaked by Alexander Bilodeau the two-time Olympic Gold medalist from Sochi. Although Bilodeau and Kingsbury made a mistake, Kinsgbury edged Bilodeau out by 0.14 points.

Other Canadian athletes included Simon Pouliot-Cavanaugh who placed 6th, Philippe Marquis who placed 9th, Pascal-Olivier Gagne who placed 10th and Eddie Hicks who placed 18th. With strong showings by the other Canadian athletes, Canada promises to be a constant contender for the Podium

With so much depth in both the men and the women’s moguls team Canada is ready to defend their title as the country to beat in freestyle skiing!

Photo Credits:  Canadian Press

Lea Leung is a student at  York University pursuing her BA in French and Biology along with her Bachelor of Education. She’s interested in many things, such as science, music, and dance. While she enjoys playing instruments such as, the piano, clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone, her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows and reading. 

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Lea Leung is a student at Glendon, York University studying French and Biology and is an aspiring teacher. She loves music, science, dance and sports. She's taken many music lessons growing up including clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone but her go to instrument will always be the piano. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows, reading and playing with her dog Coco.

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