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Chunky necklace, bib necklace, statement necklace, collar necklace, or whatever you call it; this new trend has taken the fashion world by storm. The statement necklace has been around for a while now but its popularity has been increasing since last year as more and more women stepped out with one glamorously draped around their neck.

Just like its name suggests, the statement necklace is for you to make a STATEMENT about your outfit or even your personality! It comes in so many shapes, colours and sizes that suit all you girly or edgy girls out there. The beauty about this godsend trend is, ironically, how simple it is. Yes, the statement necklace is usually a large and in-your-face type of accessory, but it adds simplicity and sophistication to your outfit and never makes your overall look—*gasp*—boring! This beautiful accessory has the power to make a t-shirt-and-jeans look much more classy and exciting. Consider your statement necklace an essential piece of your jewellery collection, even if you only own one!

A great deal of women add their own spin to the way they pair their statement necklaces with their outfits. If you’re like me, then you’ll most likely pair yours with a simple top of minimal or even no patterns or designs to bring more attention to your necklace than have too much going on. But don’t be afraid to have too much going on! Always remember that what you wear is a reflection of who you are so if you want to be bold and daring, don’t hesitate to pair your edgy necklace with a similar colourful top.

     Zara Statement necklace, pastel Zara necklace multicolored statement necklace Untitled

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these necklaces until you find the look that suits you best. Here are a few examples of how you can wear a statement necklace:

1-      The Peter Pan Collar: This works best on t-shirts with a neckline that is the exact “roundness” of your statement necklace, so that it is virtually invisible and gives the illusion that the gorgeous jewellery piece is attached to your tee:


2-      Under the Collar: Why not combine the formality of a buttoned up shirt with the classiness of the statement necklace?! To add more colour and femininity to your formal outfit, wrap your favourite chunky necklace around your collar!


 3-      The Attention Grabber: Pair your favourite statement necklace with a top that has lot of open space; tube tops and ones with necklines that resemble the letters U or V. This will draw the attention straight to your necklace and face.


The Oscars are nearly here! This award season, tons of A-list celebrities were sporting the statement necklace and never failed to disappoint on the red carpet. A gorgeous variety of styles was reflected in each woman’s ensemble. Be on the lookout for the statement necklace on The Oscars red carpet on Sunday to find your inspiration and favourite look.

You can find statement necklaces almost everywhere nowadays. A more affordable and colourful range is offered at countless retail stores like H&M, Forever21, Aldo Accessories(though not as affordable, but you have the right to spoil yourself from time to time!)and much more. So, go ahead, make your statement!

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About the contributor: Dania is a Professional Communication international student at Ryerson University in Toronto,ON. Her interests include fashion, photography, and the Media. You can find her on twitter @daniafaidi. 


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  1. Awe$ ome gurlz can I tell me what necklace wk luke nyce with a polka dot shirt and a blue skirt. Tnx

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