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Roll Play Cafe: Bringing Back Nostalgic Fun

In Toronto, one of the best places to enjoy food while playing board games is at Roll Play Cafe. Located near Yonge and Dundas, the cafe allows their customers sip on a nice cup of coffee or have a sweet slice of cake while enjoying a good old board game. They’re a place of nostalgia, reminding you some of the oldest board games your memory dates back to.

The entrance is a single door that is easy to miss because it’s overshadowed by its neighbour, The World’s Biggest Bookstore (or so it’s called). Look for a blue flag that says “BOARD GAME CAFE”, and under it will be the door you are looking for. When you enter, you are dreadfully faced with two narrow flights of stairs. Reach the top of the stairs to take a peep into the door on your right hand side, and all will be worthwhile.  

You’ll see that the cafe is spacious and pretty. The longest wall of the cafe is one large window, bringing in natural light. Low-hanging chandeliers resemble light balls of yarn, with more a decorative purpose than a functional one. The window seats are sleek and modern while the rest of the tables are homey and wooden. Oddly enough, the combination of the two styles work quite well.

For the unlimited amount of time they let their customers sit for, and their quality of their food, they are reasonably priced. They have a small selection of cheesecake, ranging from about $7 to $9 a slice. Desserts aside, I tried their cheese and spinach dip, which was approximately $14. Without making any comparisons to other cheese dips, this one was rich and creamy. It had just the right amount of cheese flavour – this would definitely satisfy any cheese lover’s craving. The dish is definitely a finger food and is sharable between two people at most, serving as a small snack. One thumbs up about their cheese dip was it came with warm slices of flatbread, unlike other restaurants that serve nachos instead.

In terms of service, the time gap between placing our order and getting our food was probably around 20 minutes. To most, this would probably be considered too long – but in my opinion, slow service at a board game cafe is somewhat acceptable. After all, they’re trying to emphasize board game fun, not fine dining.10813858743_65c692685a_z

If you’re ever in Toronto and looking for a place to relax, Roll Play Cafe is the perfect place for you. You’re always gua

ranteed to leave this place in a happy mood. (Also, your waiter is willing to help you if you’re losing in your game!) When you call for your bill, they kindly bring you dice engraved with the words ‘ROLL PLAY CAFE’ for you to take home as a memento.

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