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Head 2 Head

Today we look at two new head to head contenders from companies who in their respective parts of the world have earned the right to call themselves racing royalty. From the UK, we have McLaren, bringing in their 650s, a car that sits perfectly (a little too perfectly) between the immensely powerful mp4-12c and the mesmerizing P1.


From Italy, Ferrari bring in their refined version of the already perfect 458 italia, titled the 458 speciale. Making 641 hp from a refined mp4-12c engine, the 650s gets you to 60 from standing in under 4 seconds. As with the standard models, the Ferrari is underpowered once more with the speciale putting out 597 hp but it sheds a lot of weight giving a 0-60 time of close to 3 seconds.


Cars of this nature need to be brought with heart rather than the bank balance. Will you choose the powerful, sophisticated Brit to satisfy your adrenaline rush or will you prefer the underpowered but thrilling and mad italian. the choice, ladies and gentlemen is entirely up to you.

About the contributor: Arjun Thapar is an Economics student at York University. Born and raised in India but is currently living in hockey-land and loving it. His interests include microeconomics, automobiles, formula one and football.


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