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Apple’s Security Threat Level: High

There was a critical security flaw that was detected in Apple’s operating systems that could cause disastrous results for both Apple and its users.

Apple quickly responded to this by releasing iOS 7.0.6 to update it’s software in an attempt to resolve this problem. The update was available to the following iDevices: iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, and the 5th generation iPod touches.

The security flaw is fairly technical for people who aren’t knowledgeable with the technology world. Hackers would be able to change data that would be sent over website that are protected by SSL/TLS. In other words, hackers would be able to impersonate a protected site and change the data that was being sent between a user and a site. Take the example of financial data, sensitive email information, or even take control over the target computer or phone.

SSL is a type of encryption used to protect data that is sent between a device or computer and a website. This allows any data that is sent over to be kept private. TLS is the verification process that the server that the data is being sent to is authentic.

For now, with the iOS 7.0.6 update, mobile devices such as the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad are secure, but Apple’s desktop and laptop devices are still prone to having data and their information stolen. With a new recent fix for mobile devices, there’s only one question that remains on our minds – how long are we protected for?

Be sure to use caution when using your laptop if it is on OSX in a library, coffee shop, or any other public location. Avoid using public wifi, and any applications that use an internet connection if sensitive information is being sent out.

An incomplete list of currently vulnerable apps:
Apple’s Software Update


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