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Canada wins 3-0 against Sweden for gold

Today in men’s hockey, Canada took the gold medal against Sweden with a final score of 3-0.

Jonathan Toews claimed the first goal of the match, giving Canada the lead with seven minutes left in the first period. Canada received a penalty with only 12 seconds left in the first period for high sticking from Chris Kunitz. This made for an interesting start to the second period, since Sweden would have an extra man on the ice. Total shots on net during the first period? Canada was in the lead by just a single shot on net, totalling 12-11.

Sweden controlled the first part of the period, after gaining momentum from the power play that they still had. Canada then decided to put the pressure back on which lead to the Canadian team scoring a second time. Sidney Crosby, the team captain of the Canadian team got his first goal with only a few minutes left in the second period bringing the lead to 2-0 for Canada.

Canada continued to control the game during the third period. They stayed aggressive and kept the pressure on. Nine minutes into the third period, Kunitz put one into the back of the Swedish net, bringing the lead to  3-0. Sweden then decided to ramp up the pressure. The Canadian defence and goal tending from Carey Price were just too strong, which resulted in no goals for the Swedish team.

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About the contributor: Lea Leung is a student at York University pursuing her BA in French and Biology along with her Bachelor of Education. She’s interested in many things, such as science, music, and dance. She knows how to play several instruments such as, the piano, clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows and reading.

About leanutty (13 Articles)
Lea Leung is a student at Glendon, York University studying French and Biology and is an aspiring teacher. She loves music, science, dance and sports. She's taken many music lessons growing up including clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone but her go to instrument will always be the piano. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows, reading and playing with her dog Coco.

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