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Looking for a stunning adventure? Look no further than here

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Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a very popular travel destination located in Quang Ninh province of north Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is an astonishingly beautiful limestone maze, consisting of more than 1,600 of islands and islets (with Cat Ba being the biggest island located at the south-east of the bay) and they stand between 160 to 350 feet high. Most of the islands are inhabited and unaffected by human’s presence. Other than breath-taking ocean scenery, there are many stunning limestone caves lurking on the side of the islands awaiting your exploration. Together, they form an outstanding scenic beauty that looks absolutely out of this world, and it will surely satisfy all the adventurous travellers.


To travel through the body of water, there are many boat trip services for tourists at a reasonable price (I recommend you do some research to avoid being overcharged). If you want to spend more time to explore the area, multiple-night cruises are available to book via tour companies. There are packages that come with a stopover at one of the caves, so be sure to ask your travel agent about the specifics.

Ha Long Bay’s peak season is between June and August because during the summer, visitors can enjoy the clear view of the bay as well as the amazing beaches. If you are finding a place to escape the busy city lifestyle, Ha Long Bay should definitely be in your summer travel bucket list.

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About the contributor: Minh is currently pursuing a Bachelor in business finance at California State University. He’s looking to end up in the financial investment field in the near future. Outside school and his future career, he also enjoys playing games, guitar, and sports, especially soccer. He also wishes to travel the world with his loved one.

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I am currently pursuing a Bachelor in Business Finance at California State university Long Beach. Working in the financial investment is what I am aiming for in the near future. Besides studies, I enjoy playing games, guitar, and sports (especially soccer). I also would love to travel around the world with my loved one.

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