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Canada wins another gold medal in women’s hockey

Canada won their 4th Olympic gold medal today in women’s hockey against USA with an overtime win.

USA was leading 1-0 for two periods in a row, with a second goal for the United States in the third period. At 2-0 during the third period, things were looking bad for the Canadian team. Despite this, Canada was able to catch up, with Jenner scoring once with 3 minutes and 26 second remaining in the third period. The Canadians went on playing the last few minutes with an open net, and the USA team almost sealed the victory during the third period. There was a shot from their end of the ice that ended up hitting the goal post of the Canadian net.  Poulin was able to respond with a shot that ended up evening up the score and sent the game into overtime.

In overtime, USA picked up a power play when the referee sent Catherine Ward off the ice for cross-checking. Five seconds later, the power play was evened up to a 3 on 3 match when Jocelyn Lamoureux was called for slashing the Canadian goalie after a save.

Shortly after, Hayley Wickenheiser was managed to get on a breakaway but Hilary Knight quickly caught her from behind, taking the both of them down. The referee ended up sending Knight to the penalty box for cross checking.

With a power play for Canada, Poulin was able to send the puck into the net to seal the victory and another gold medal for Canada today. The game was looking  grim for Canada for the majority of the game, but the outcome was much different. Congratulations to Canada for their outstanding hockey performance and their second gold medal today.

Photo credits: Getty Images

About the contributor: Lea Leung is a student at  York University pursuing her BA in French and Biology along with her Bachelor of Education. She’s interested in many things, such as science, music, and dance. She knows how to play several instruments such as, the piano, clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows and reading.

About leanutty (13 Articles)
Lea Leung is a student at Glendon, York University studying French and Biology and is an aspiring teacher. She loves music, science, dance and sports. She's taken many music lessons growing up including clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone but her go to instrument will always be the piano. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows, reading and playing with her dog Coco.

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