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Two more guaranteed medals for Canada at Sochi 2014

 Canadians are guaranteed another 2 medals from Sochi. Both the men’s and women’s team curling successfully made it to the finals guaranteeing Canada a gold or a silver.

On the men’s side, after a slow start to the games, have bounced back to win their semi final match against China. Both the Chinese and the Canadian team finished their round robin with a 7-2 record. Brad Jacobs won the semi final match against China’s Rui Liu with a 10-6 win. Credit should be given to Rui Liu and his team for a good tournament and the score would be much closer if he had not made a mistake in the 4th end. They will face the facing Sweden’s Niklas Edin in the bronze medal match. The gold medal game will be on Friday against Great Britain’s David Murdoch for what is expected to be a tight game. Jacob’s team include Ryan Fry, E.J. Harnden and Ryan Harnden who are understandably excited for the gold medal match. Although both teams are one away game away from gold it’s incredibly important to maintain focused. A guaranteed medal is worthy of a celebration but the gold medal is still on the line.


On the women’s side Jennifer Jones is a first time Olympian who came into the games just wanting the enjoy the moment. Thanks to an impressive tournament thus far she’ll be enjoying a medal as well as an impressive 9-0 round robin record. She became the first women to win every single round robin game.  Canada’s 10th straight victory was in her semi final game against Great Britain’s Eve Muirhead. Although the game was close, Jones was controlling the game from start to finish. She guaranteed a trip to the finals with her final stone on the 10th end with a double takeout. Although the skip (the captain) often has impressive shots and is widely credited for their game winning decisions, the rest of the team should also be congratulated. Jones’ Winnipeg based team includes Dawn McEwen, Jill Officer, and Kaitlyn Lawes have been playing very well and will be facing Sweden in the finals on Thursday.

About the contributor: Lea Leung is a student at York University pursuing her BA in French and Biology along with her Bachelor of Education. She’s interested in many things, such as science, music, and dance. She knows how to play several instruments such as, the piano, clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows and reading.

About leanutty (13 Articles)
Lea Leung is a student at Glendon, York University studying French and Biology and is an aspiring teacher. She loves music, science, dance and sports. She's taken many music lessons growing up including clarinet, trumpet, flute, drums, and the saxophone but her go to instrument will always be the piano. Her past times includes volunteering, watching TV shows, reading and playing with her dog Coco.

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